Dell Laptop Fan Noise Repair

Dell Laptop Fan Noise and Overheating FIXED

Laptop Fan makes noise while on standby or minimal usage

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Dell Laptop Fan Noise Repair / Replacement:

Laptop overheating is one of the common issue but it can happen due to many reasons. Sometimes it could happen due to its age, rough usage or dust around. It could also happen because of Cat or Dog hair stuck inside the vent. Most of the time we do forget to check fan it self. When Laptop fan makes a noise it could be a sign of that laptop is having difficulty in breathing. It may not be because something is stuck inside or etc. Maybe it is just because of the faulty Laptop fan. Laptop fan could go wrong very easily especially in Dell and HP laptops fans are not very high quality and tend to create a lot of noise after couple of months or years. 

This is very normal in gaming laptops, gaming computers or in computers or laptop having multiple fans to keep system cool down. Having laptop running with noisy fan is extremely frustrating and annoying. Most of the time while laptop is running, without even touching it or opening any application, fan runs at full speed for no obvious reason and make a loud and weird sound. Geeks Callout is professional in dealing with laptop and computer hardware especially motherboard level work including fan repair / replacement and overheating repair.

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Geeks Callout's Dell Laptop Specialist Solved the Issue

We received a request from customer based near Notting Hill, London to repair this Dell laptop with noisy fan. After consulting with our Dell Laptop expert we arrange a collection of laptop over the weekend. Since its a work laptop, customer wanted to have it back on Monday so he can carry on working on it. So we just had almost 2 days to actually, diagnose and repair it. 

Sometimes, it's very common to find other problems along with the actual issue in the laptop. So, it was very much possible...

Asus ROG Gaming Laptop ShutDown Automatically

Asus ROG ShutDown / Restart After Pressing Keys on Keyboard

When typing the letter "T" or 1-2-3, Laptop Restarts or Turns off

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Asus Rog Gaming Laptop Shutdown / Restart Automatically

Recently we received a request from E18 London regarding Asus ROG series gaming laptop which started to act weirdly. Although, it was running fine but all of a sudden one day it started to restart or shutdown it self by literally pressing any key specially "T", "D" , "X" or 1 - 2 - 3 keys on the keyboard. Sometime, gaming laptop Asus rog was turning itself off if placing mobile phone on the same desk. It was really annoying for client especially when in the middle of the game, someone touches the table or place something next to it, gaming laptop used to turn it self off. Client also had his own research regarding the issue and turns out to be something is going wrong internally with motherboard or internal components shortage which was causing the issue. Without getting it delayed as it could lead to serious problem, we have been contacted to arrange a collection to repair it.
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Geeks Callout's Gaming Specialist Solved the Issue

After consulting with our gaming expert, we requested the collection of Asus ROG series laptop as it required an extensive checking and get to the root of the cause. Customer agreed and we promised to return it back to him ASAP within 2 days. With the help of our laptop technician, visited client on the same day and collected broken Asus laptop. By 4PM we got the laptop in Lab and without wasting more time our gaming laptop expert ran couple of diagnostic checks (showing in the video) to find out the issue. I guess it was not so difficult for our gaming technician to run the diagnostic as its very important to understand the issue before fixing it. Sometimes we do get gaming computers in...

Replacement of MSI to Gigabyte Motherboard

Replacement of MSI B350M Pro to Gigabyte B450M

Make sure do avoid basic mistake while upgrading your Gaming PC motherboard and processor.

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MSI to Gigabyte Motherboard Replacement

Recently we received a request from SW13 area London. User tried to upgrade from old processor to new Core Ryzen 5 but couldn't do it properly. During the replacement of new processor user managed to mistakenly bent the pins of processor which caused the processor immediately stopped responding. We have also been told that user tried to re-insert the old processor but that stopped working as well. User also tried to disconnect the power supply, waited for about an hour and re-installed it but it never came on. User also mentioned of tried to do various things but nothing managed to turned the system back on.

Well, it seems user did not have much idea or experience regarding the upgradation or to deal with how to upgrade custom built PC. With limited knowledge user tried to upgrade processor with extreme external force to place it which ended up having processor pins bent and that did manage to damage the motherboard processor installation kit as well.

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Replacement of Motherboard and Processor 

We sent our best gaming technician to first at user's house to look at it and examine the cause of the damage. Our technician tried to reset the bios and tried bring the bent pins back to its position with special tools and tried to insert it back on MSI Pro B350M but it didn't respond. No sign or life, no beeps nothing. It seems the problem was not straight forward. After having no luck with the new processor Core Ryzen 5, our gaming expert tried to use the old processor to see if motherboard responds or if fans attached to motherboard does respond - It turns out that even the attached fan on the motherboard stopped turning on. Our expert realised surely something might have gone wrong with the power supply. But...

How to Choose Between the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2020 : Which MacBook is Best to Buy

Through this article you will know all their strengths and weaknesses and know which one is best for you.

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Comparison: MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air 

Choosing a Mac meaning a unique user experience, innovative, comfortable and reliable solution. It’s difficult for users to decide between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. We have summarised strengths and weaknesses of both and to find out which Apple Mac is better for your need.

MacBook Pro: Apple has designed two of its versions called Pro and Air, each with a stylish and attractive design in a compact case, embedded everything that makes the Apple product high in demand. Latest intel generation processor, ultra-quick solid-state drive, stunning retina display screen, at least 8-10 hours of battery timing and ports that can have the latest high-performance connectors. Technically, Apple has installed top of the line technology inside the slim and smart aluminium case.

MacBook Air: MacBook Air is not only light weight but has very strong and powerful internal structure. Its main advantage is the ultra portability, weight only 1.24 KG and 1.55 cm thick for the latest version in 13.3”. Its battery timing is up to 10-12 hours with 8th generation intel processor, 4 million display pixels display screen, Solid-state hard drive up to 512 GB and lighting speed WIFI connectivity. MacBook Air lives up to its name offer great comfort for both home and office use.

In the year of 2020, Apple launched 13-inc MacBook Air and MacBook Pro comes with new and improved magic keyboard with touch display bar and touch ID, latest 10th Generation intel chipset, improved airflow, RAM and ultra-fast SSD drive.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Price Comparison

This first thing that differentiates a MacBook Pro 13” and 16” and MacBook Air 13” is their price.

The MacBook Pro 2020 is available in 2 different sizes 13” and 16” with intel i5 and intel i9 processor respectively. Both versions have up to 16 GB RAM / 256 GB to 1TB of ultra-fast SSD, Touch bar and touch ID.

MacBook 13” Intel Core i5 Processor, 8th to 10th generation starts at £1,299 and goes up to £1,999....

5 Excellent features added for users by Google Chrome

Excellent features added for users by Google Chrome

Google Chrome just recently added 5 excellent features for users to have better experience while browsing online.

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Cookies Setting With Google Chrome

Google Chrome just launched new updates with 5 news excellent features added for its users. These features are added exactly according to the need of users. In the new version of Google Chrome, Google has added cookies settings. Means, with this excellent feature, user can keep or delete cookies their favorite websites. While using Google Incognito, Google has added a different option to deal with cookies. 

This makes it really interesting as sometimes users don't feel like visiting certain websites because later on advertisement comes up everywhere related to the last visited page. This new feature will help users to simply disable cookies for those websites without being tracked. 

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Google Extension

In the new version of Google Chrome, the extension button/option has been added on the home screen of chrome. Having this option on home screen would allow users to see and manage installed extension. It was never easy for Chrome users to find extension tab before. Google has just made it very simple and easy for new and existing users.

Tab Groups

This has been so far the best update of all. New update has allowed users to combine pages/tabs in groups. This will allow user to create multiple tabs and divide them into groups. It will be very easy to manage if you have opened so many pages. Users can also have any color for any group. Once the group has created it will look like a folder containing files inside. 

google chrome extension


Safety Check

Browsing and visiting different websites has never been that easy before. Google Chrome probably should have launched this update many years back. This new safety check feature will give a security...

Build Custom Gaming Computer in Simple Steps

Build Custom Gaming Computer in Simple Steps

Follow the simple steps to assemble gaming computer by yourself and run the test to make sure its configured and have no issues.

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Building Gaming Computer is Easy with Limited Knowledge

A gaming computer is always a priority, especially for the young generation. However, if you are planning to buy a branded gaming PC it will cost you higher compared to a standard computer. With some efforts, you can build your custom gaming system and it will be less expensive compared to configured by any private firm. If you have specific game in mind or looking to have a high spec gaming computer to play most of the games, it's always best to check the games specification before ordering any components. You can buy components either from amazon or PC specialist. You can always hire gaming specialist to build one but watching couple of youtube videos and having all the components in front of you, building one is not so difficult. Don't forget to order thermal past and high quality fans to keep the gaming PC internally cool. We have seen people making mistake compromising with these components and later on having problems of overheating. Geeks Callout always available to offer free advice to help the community.

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What is Required to Build a Gaming PC

We will share the list of things that you should consider while configuring or building your own gaming computer.

  1. Select a high-end CPU.
  2. Buy the suitable Motherboard.
  3. Compatible RAM That Meets Gaming Needs.
  4. The storage is also known as Hard Drive / SSD Drive or both.
  5. Selection of the Best Graphics & Sound Cards.
  6. Strong good spacious Case.
  7. Fans, a CPU Cooler with heatsink, Case Controls.
  8. Correct Power Supply which is also known as SMPS
  9. CPU thermal paste
  10. Gaming Headphone, Mouse and Keyboard

These things are very much important to have a good configuration. When you will select the high-end CPU, probably from...

Apple MacBook Pro Battery Replacement is difficult, but not impossible

Apple MacBook Pro Battery Replacement is difficult, but not impossible

Send it to Apple or an authorised service centre for repair. But, if it's out of warranty, follow the instructions and do it by yourself.

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How to Replace the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air Battery

It’s always a best and reliable to take your device to Apple for any sort of repair or replacement of the component. But if the warranty is no longer valid, you may pay the price to the local apple repair centre or grab a screwdriver to repair it by yourself. It’s easier to replace the MacBook faulty battery than HDD or SSD. Now a day’s people can watch YouTube videos to see step by step how to change the MacBook pro or MacBook Air battery. It looks easy by watching it, we always recommend booking a professional MacBook repair near me to do it. 

We have done the battery replacement on MacBook Pro. In order to do it successfully, we would need a specific toolkit and of course a replacement battery. If you think of buying one, consider spending around £80 to buy a quality battery from Amazon or eBay. Meanwhile, you are ordering a battery make sure it comes with necessary tools/screwdriver to replace it.

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How to Open Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

The first step is very easy and simple. With the help of screwdriver (step 1), remove almost 10 screws that hold the aluminium plate bottom of the MacBook. The simple Apple design is very user friendly and easy to disassemble. Once the bottom plate or cover is removed, you can easily access the logic board (step 2) of the MacBook and carry on removing the faulty battery.

Now to move on the second step, you need a little bit of focus and attention. In the second step we are going to remove connectors (step 3) which are directly connected to the operations of MacBook. The first connector located on...

Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to clean and disinfect your laptop, smartphone, keyboard, headphones, gaming controller or mouse?

Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to clean and disinfect your laptop, smartphone, keyboard, headphones, gaming controller or mouse?

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus Covid – 19, Geeks Callout have some important tips to clean and disinfect your laptop, smartphone, headphones, gaming controller, touch-screen, Tablet PC, Ipad, mouse and keyboard. "A virus can survive on a gadget as in the environment in general," says Didier Pittet.

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How to clean and disinfect Laptop, Smartphone, tablet & etc

So, is it useful to clean our phone, laptop and etc during the Covid-19 epidemic? Yes, The laptop and hand gadgets are nest for bacteria. Studies have concluded that there are more bacteria on your laptop, smartphone or iPad screen than on a subway bar or a toilet bowl, yet you touch screen on average every 12 minutes. This is the problem of all the touch-screen gadgets, in particular the screens of public machines such as ATMs. Fortunately, if you can't disinfect everything but you can disinfect your hand and personal belongings.

1: To avoid scratching the screen of your smartphone, you will have to be careful.

2: We do not recommend using a window cleaner, household detergent, compressed air, aerosol, solvent, ammonia or an abrasive or containing hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) to clean your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Touch screens are often protected by an oleophobic coating. If you do it wrong, you risk degrading this very useful coating.

3: Unplug everything and turn off your gadget.

4: Wash your hands.

5: Depending on your laptop and etc, you can use an antiseptic wipe, or a cloth soaked in isopropanol. You can also use an alcohol-based gel on a clean paper towel to get rid of Covid-19 and other viruses.

Dr. Pierre Parneix recommends we should disinfect laptop at home, "when we have gone to public...

Windows 10 License and Upgrade

Immediate Steps to Follow After Windows 10 Update

If you just have upgraded to latest version of Windows 10. Use this Checklist to ensure your security and privacy settings are guaranteed.

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Windows 10 License and Upgrade 

Microsoft Windows users only had to experience an upgrade every two to four years. Automatic upgrade to full version of Windows PC were not that often. So, it’s was very common either to buy a new PC or upgrade operating system on existing one.

Microsoft Windows is almost sending new security patches and version approximately every three to six months. Users can expect to have new feature update possibly a full OS version update. If you may skip important update, it won’t be long probably 4 months before being forced to update your operating system.

If you Microsoft windows is licensed and activated, update process is very simple. Windows update takes about an hour based on your PC hardware, you should be able to work on most of the application and setting while update is in process to successful migration.

In both cases, clean up the installation or upgrade windows, follow the checklist to make sure you’ve covered important basics that aren’t part of the windows upgrade/installation process.

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Create a recovery drive


It’s a nice feeling to have a new outlook of Windows 10 after the successful upgrade. But sometimes if laptop does not start properly, you’ll be glad to have a recovery drive in hand.


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