Terms & Condition

This section describes our Privacy policy and legal terms and conditions on which we provide service to our clients.

• THIS Agreement comes in force between London-it-support.org.uk and the customer / client in order to use any of our service.

• Under this agreement IT Support London liable to resolve issues discussed before to start the work, any other issue comes during the agreed work will be notified and might be charge extra.

• IT Support London charge £60 an hour, however if the work is only for 1 hour then it will be charged as £80 an hour. If work goes to the second hour total amount will be considered and calculated according to £60 an hour.

• IT Support London charge £60 an hour to fix any software repairs (£80 an hour if the work is only for one hour) and £100 an hour + Parts for all the hardware repairs.

• IT Support London provides No Fix No Fee Policy means, if the Engineer cannot fix the discussed issue or don’t have the necessary technical knowledge of the discussed issue or ability the resolve the issue, then customer don’t get charged

• IT Support London will not be liable if any damage happens during the work internal or external with the laptop or desktop computer. No compensation or legal cover will be offered. None of the Engineer will be held responsible for the damage. If customer wish to get it fixed, cost can be discussed at the time.

• If customer request for the software repair then only software issues will be fixed and if any hardware problem diagnoses then Engineer will not be responsible, however to fix the issue cost can be discussed at time.

• IT Support London aim to fix issues on site, but in some cases we might have to take your computer/laptop with us to fix it. In that case your PC will be returned back to you within 5 to 7 working days. If problem cannot be fixed in mentioned time then IT Support London can take further working days to fix without letting the client/customer know.

• IT Support London also provide fixed quote before we start the work. Fixed quote will be provided considering the work and time. If more problems come during the agreed work, customer will be notified for the extra charge. If customer wishes to withdraw the work, the fixed quote price has to be paid before IT Support London returns your property back to you.

• Client can only pay by using online British bank account electronic transfer or Cash right after IT Support London`s Engineer finish their work.

• IT Support London provides 30 days warranty on all hardware repaired by us. IT Support London also provides software repair warranty for 30 days, but if we found any hardware or software repaired by us altered by anyone else apart from IT Support London`s Engineer then warranty will be voided straight away.

• During the repair if something is preventing from completing the work, customer will be acknowledge and offered a repair with additional cost, however if customer somehow don’t want to continue with the repair, an hour cost £80 will be charged.

• If customer computer is infected or during the software repair process, if customer data gets removed, deleted or wiped off, Engineer will not be liable for anything.

• During the hardware repair if hard drive gets damage or customer loses their data, Engineer will not be liable for anything.

• During the data backup if data cannot be copied or deleted, engineer will not be liable for anything.

• If IT Support London fails to fulfil their terms and conditions, Only IT Service compensation will be offered.

• IT Support London is fully authorised to make changes in these terms and conditions at any time without notifying their new or existing customers. These terms and conditions will remain enforce if it modifies in anyway.

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