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Gaming Desktop and Laptop Repair Service

Being in the business for many years, We have noticed that not many specialist engineers can repair gaming PCs and custom build computers. Somehow, few engineers and shops can fix them if any issues emerge. It isn’t easy to find an engineer with full knowledge and expertise in fixing gaming PCs, motherboard replacement and custom build computers. Our specialist computer repair and laptop repair engineers are trained to fix gaming computers and gaming laptops. Since we are having success, clients are coming over from all over the UK, including London, Oxford, Slough, Woking, GuildfordEgham, etc to get custom PCs assembled and gaming computer and laptop fixed.

We have repaired and assembled many custom build computers for our customers. We’re proud to have the right tools, information and aptitude in this field! We have a list of different problems with custom build & gaming computers that come to us regularly.

Gaming PC or Laptop can show the following signs:

  1. FPS dropping while playing game
  2. Gaming computer or laptop crashing after loading game
  3. High spec computer but not loading games
  4. Network ping is too high
  5. Screen tearing
  6. Gaming Laptop overheats while playing game
  7. Gaming PC is hanging or freezing
  8. Failed SSD, HDD or overheating
  9. Water Cooling system liquid is all over the components
  10. Burning smell or liquid leakage 

If you wish to enjoy your favourite game without having an issue it is very important to resolve the issue before it gets too late. Delaying an issue can cause serious problem and can be very expensive to repair too. It is important to understand if your gaming laptop or gaming desktop computer has started to act strange, turning off, blue screen and etc. Having it checked as early as possible can save a lot of hassle and money.

There could be some other issues like glitches specific to certain games, perhaps visual issue or something that minimise the speed of your high spec gaming computer. Finding a best gaming laptop repair near me can be difficult as not all laptop experts can deal with the high spec gaming computers.

Custom Build Computer 

We have witnessed many people does make basic mistakes while building custom gaming computers using MSI components, Asus, Intel, Corsair, Evga, Nvidia, Geforce etc., by themselves to save a cost. We have seen PC cooling system, solid-state drivegraphics card configuration, Peripheral card or drivers installed incorrectly. If you are not an IT professional, don’t do it. It looks relatively simple, but assembling a gaming computer is tricky and required proper knowledge to avoid hardware components confliction. You may be able to put it together and make it work, but in the longer run, parts can be damaged if not been installed correctly.

Geeks Callout gaming experts have tools and gadgets to build or repair gaming machine and run benchmarks and diagnostics to make sure all components are relaxed and not eating the power of each other. Geeks Callout PC experts are certified, professional and have experienced dealing with complex gaming issues. If you wish to take FREE advice or book an engineer visit, call us at 0203 290 5190 and speak directly to our gaming PC expert.

If you have mistakenly bent your processor or motherboard Pins, watch this video and apply the pro tip. Remember, this may not always the best option. Its just one of those basic tip to bring the bent pins back to its position. Call us for more professional help and advice at 0203 290 5190.  

Recently our Gaming PC expert manage to repair Asus ROG computer which was having a problem of getting turn off automatically. Gaming PC was turning off after holding T or other buttons on the keyboard. Watch the video and check it out how we fixed it.

Geeks Callout helped customer replacement of its faulty MSI B350 M Pro to Gigabyte B450M. We also managed to upgrade AMD Hexa Core Ryzen 5 1600 Bundle. 


Technician Visit

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Frequently asked questions

Sure, Our engineer visit at your home or office to repair your device. All your need to do just give us a call and book an engineer for same day Gaming PC repair service.

Certainly, our geek will visit at your home or office with all the important softwares and components to repair gaming computer, gaming laptop, custom build computer or etc right in front of your eyes.

We are based locally and operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our engineer can visit at your convenient place, date and time. Call us at 0203 290 5190 or email us to book a same day visit.

Yes, We do have online engineers providing remote support service over the phone. It’s actually true, many problems can be solved through remote support. If somehow it cannot be fixed remotely, we will dispatch our engineer to be with you in couple of hours at your convenient place.

Service to All Local Areas in London

We do provide PC repair service to other areas of London. Our PC repair support technicians are everywhere in East, West, North and South London. Our wide range of services are including home pc repair, office pc repair and support, server backup, data recovery, computer networking and internet issues. We do have an online remote computer repair service to anywhere in the UK.

Please feel free to recommend us to your friends and family. Our Gaming experts engineer will visit them same day to solve any kind of IT issues. 

Call us 0203 290 5190 and speak directly to our engineer.

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