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laptop virus removal london

Computer & Laptop Virus Removal in London

A virus can do dangerous things to laptop and desktop computer. Viruses can slow down PC, crash or may corrupt operating system files. Many spams, malwares or viruses do exploit security bugs in system or application software to spread. Viruses or malwares can be extremely harmful for your laptop as it may expose your personal information to cyber criminals, encrypt files for ransom or corrupt your images, microsoft word, excel etc important files. Our virus removal london team trackdown hidden malwares and spywares working silently at the background of your PC. Viruses do transmit stored information in laptop or desktop to hackers and unsafe hands.

Once your PC is infected, many users would not even realise it. Geeks Callout sends our expert technician at your home or office to clean and protect your PC. Customers can request for same day computer virus help or we do help over the phone through remote access service

Geeks Callout strongly recommend to run deep antivirus scan twice in a month and make sure antivirus is up to date. If your laptop or desktop PC working slowly, takes forever to boot up, freezing, crashing, blue screen, don’t compromise with your privacy, get it fixed as soon as possible. We all know, how dangerous it can be when Laptop or PC is infected. People based in any local area of london or central london as well as oxford can reach to us for professional laptop help and advice.

Same Day Appointment

Call us on 0203 290 5190 for Same Day Service.

PC Health Check

PC Running Slow? Our Service to Diagnose and Repair

Virus Removal & Upgrade

Virus Removal and Windows Update Repair Service

PC Remote Support

Online Remote Support Service 24/7 Anywhere in UK

Hardware Repair Service

Hardware Repair and Upgrade, Laptop or Desktop

No Fix No Fee

We have a ‘No Fix, No Fee’ Policy if a technician is unable to repair

Our PC Repair Service

  1. PC Viruses /Malware/Spyware removal
  2. Computer and Laptop hardware replace and upgrade
  3. Outlook Email setup, configure and repair
  4. Software and Antivirus installation
  5. Online remote PC repair
  6. Laptop screen replacement
  7. Data recovery and windows installation
  8. Mac and iMac software and hardware repair
  9. Gaming PC and custom build PC setup
  10. Internet, Wifi , Scanner and Printer Setup
  11. Windows Repair, Windows Restore or Cleanup 
  12. and etc
laptop repair


Technician Visit

Book an Appointment in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Call us anytime 24/7 and speak directly to our Laptop Repair Expert.

Step 2

Book PC technician at your preferred service time, same or next day.

Step 3

Our PC technician will come at your preferred place home or office.


 What a Virus Can Do, How We Can Help You!


Malwares or Viruses Can Display or Show the Following Sings:


1: Your Laptop, PC or MacBook seems to be working or running much slower than normal.

2: Installed Antivirus scanner regularly will report issues (make sure it’s not fake).

3: Random Pop-ups and online advertising will automatically open up.

4: Internet click or browsing will take you to the wrong or dodge websites.

5: You may get software on your PC you don’t remember installing.

6: PC will crash so often for no reason.

7: Real but fake software may ask you to pay for certain reasons.


Cryptowares: If you find the data or the stored information has been encrypted and asking for ransom (money, bitcoin or PayPal) to restore, release or recover your laptop or computer – never pay for it. If you even pay for this, you will rarely be able to have your files back. The PC would definitely need windows 10 re-installation, or the data may or may not be recoverable.


Ransomware: One of the most common viruses – it will freeze a webpage, windows application and files to make you responsible for it like (National Police, FBI Interpol or Gendarmerie and etc). This virus can be removed safely without losing the stored information. Again, Windows 10 re-installation is highly recommended.


Trojans: You may see a software telling you “there has been thousands of viruses” because it will look like “real fake software” which infect your computer and try to steal the stored information.


Keyloggers: This allow scammers to spy on your keystrokes (which keys are being used while using certain application of web site: for example, entering bank details or passwords) and other various system activities.


Adwords: If you no longer want to have various advertising banners or offers, this adwords virus has to be removed immediately.


Worms: This virus does travel through internet router or through office network when more computers, laptop or macbook are connected to each other. It actually infiltrates and destroy your stored data, files and information.


Spyware: Difficult to identify as this virus spy on your system’s regular activates and transmit data (sends stored information across to hackers)


There are many other malware, spyware and dangerous viruses are floating over the internet. Like people do get email considering one of their loved once has sent, but as soon as you open it up, virus comes in the PC. Viruses can expose your PC over the internet as a free walking way. In severe cases, your PC may serve as a base for sending malware and attacking sites to other people. If you would like to have your PC cleaned from viruses, call and speak to our Laptop virus removal expert at 0203 290 5190 for the Best FREE advice.



PC not booting, Need it fixed today.

Sure, Our engineer can come to your home or office on same day within 2-3 hours to fix the issue.

No Internet, Need it fixed today.

Dont worry, Our engineer can come to your home or office on same day within 2-3 hours to fix the issue.

It's 8PM, Need PC fixed tonight.

No Problem. We offer support 24/7. Our engineer can come to your home or office same day within 2-3 hours to fix the issue.

Frequently asked questions

Sure, Our engineer visit at your home or office in London to repair your device. All your need to do just give us a call and book an engineer for same day pc repair service.

Certainly, our geek will visit at your home or office with all the important softwares and components to repair computer, laptop or mac right in front of your eyes.

We are based locally and operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our engineer can visit at your convenient place, date and time. Call us at 0203 290 5190 or email us to book a same day visit.

Yes, We do have online engineers providing remote support service over the phone. It’s actually true, many problems can be solved through remote support. If somehow it cannot be fixed remotely, we will dispatch our engineer to be with you in couple of hours at your convenient place.

Service to Other Local Areas in London

We do provide PC repair service to other areas of London. Our PC repair support technicians are everywhere in East, West, North and South London. Our wide range of services are including home pc repair, office pc repair and support, server backup, data recovery, computer networking and internet issues. We do have an online remote computer repair service to anywhere in the UK.

If your friends or family lives in IslingtonMaryleboneKensington or anywhere in London, Please feel free to recommend us. Our Microsoft and Apple qualified experts will visit them same day to solve any kind of IT issues. 

Call us 0203 290 5190 and speak directly to our engineer.

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