Laptop Water Damage Repair

Have you ever dropped some liquid on your laptop? If yes then you have come to the right place. Our Laptop water damage repair service is available in London city and around. Here are some tips and tricks by which you can save your laptop 90% of the time. It is interesting to note that one in five has spilt liquids on laptop water damage londona laptop but what happens when the liquid hits your laptop and what can be done about it? If you find yourself in this situation a couple of entertaining and damaging things can happen.

What is Laptop Water Damage? 

For any electronic device to function as a laptop, desktop or MacBook, flow of electrical current is mandatory. In the case of portable devices such as laptop or apple devices that electrical current is supplied by the battery or direct power. This current actually flows through some well-defined paths or you can say traces. The interesting thing about current is that it takes the least resistive path to flow but when you add a new path such as a water droplet it might decide to take that path instead, this is known as a short circuit and this term called laptop water damage same goes for MacBook water damage. The ferocity of laptop or mac damage basically depends on the type of liquid. If you have spilt the liquid laptop having more minerals (alcohol, juice and etc) is more conducive to the electricity. That’s why saltwater is much more damaging than regular water.

Can Water Damage Laptop be Repaired? 

Laptop repair should be on priority once the liquid spilt on it. The second damaging factor to have a laptop not working is the corrosion it’s a very complicated chemical reaction known as electrolysis, which is in a nutshell that the water ions react with the metal conductors to form hydrogen and oxygen which cause that bubbling and boiling sound while the contacts slowly corrode and thus become less conductive which could be a potential problem for your laptop or MacBook and severely damaged components sometimes even beyond repair. So as time passes there also exist some leakage current between the conductors due to long electrochemical corrosion which can for example drain the battery of your laptop slowly.

Is it Possible to Repair Water Damage Laptop or Water Damage Macbook? 

So you have dropped some liquid on your laptop what can you do next, yes you are right quickly remove the laptop battery as fast as you can just don’t waste the time in turning your laptop off first, because this step has to ensure that no short circuit thing can happen, next you have to thoroughly clean the visible liquid on your laptop with the help of a paper towel. Once you have done it tilt the laptop to get most of the liquid out the same way it came in. Now carefully dry the laptop for at least 24 hours in a fairly warm room or at a dry location. To speed up this process you can also use a blow dryer, keep the blow dryer on the medium setting and dry the laptop make sure to evenly distribute the heat on all parts of the laptop do this for at least 10 min. Once the laptop had time to dry you can test your luck by reconnecting the battery and turning the laptop on if it turns on then you are good to go.

How to Fix Water Damage Laptop at Home?

Step 1: Turn your laptop or MacBook off, unplug it and remove the battery if it’s easy and possible.
Step 2: Turn it upside-down with the lid open to let it air.
Step 3: Book an appointment for Laptop Water Damage repair,  please call 0203 290 5190 or send us an email at



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