Every electrical machine needs power to function, in case of laptops they require a dedicated adapter to supply power but when it comes to portable devices like laptops, tablets or mac there is always a need of connection and disconnection. To have this kind of facility we use connector also called power jack in laptops to provide power in them. As laptop power jacktime passes due to continual use and with rough use this connector gets damaged or detached internally from laptop motherboard. The reason is obvious, stress and the only way to avoid this is to be generous nothing else. As soon as you get this sort of problem don’t try to force it as it can cause shortage in the motherboard otherwise you might lose your baby laptop

How to repair laptop power jack:

Every laptop pretty much have good number of screws and you have to open all of them, there is always a tiny screw where you least expect so be patient and open your laptop. Please make sure to organize screws well. Once you open the laptop to repair you have to locate the laptop power jack, once located, you have to observe it’s situation there are mostly two possible cases

  1. The laptop power jack is intact but its wobbling around
  2. The laptop power jack is destroyed into pieces

First Case: it’s easy to fix because you just have to reconnect the power jack to the laptop motherboard using a soldering iron (laptop repair professional do have it or have it from hardware store) and apply a bit of solder on to the legs to fix the loose connection and you are done.

Second Case: it’s a fairly long process to repair laptop because it requires much more effort and skill also some professional tools. It first includes the removal of the broken power jack from the motherboard. Please make sure you have already have the replacement power jack before removing the broken one. Please do make sure order the right power jack and to find it requires some time, meanwhile you can’t reassemble your laptop. When you get the part you can now carefully align the legs of the power jack with on motherboard floor and solder the power jack by using a soldering iron, make sure not to join the pins of the power jack. Please only try this if you have background or knowledge to repair laptop or else leave it for professionals to do it. When you are done with soldering you can now connect everything back together and close it all up. At the end test your laptop by turning it on and connecting the power adapter if the charging sign appears it means you have done everything right and repaired laptop power jack successfully.

How Much Does a Power Jack Repair Cost?

Well it depends on laptop make and model, some standard laptops, like HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Dell and Macbook have pricing between £100 to £150.

In some cases for example if you have Gaming Laptop like, MSI, AlienWare and etc can cost up to £100 part only.

*If laptop battery is no longer charging or holding a charge, it could be battery or motherboard problem. 

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