Laptop Overheating Repair and Mac Overheating Repair

Laptop overheating

is the most common issue to have laptop life going down significantly. Many people don’t realises if their laptop is overheating or laptop not been able to breath. If laptop vents are covered or dust stuck in the fan, laptop won’t be able to throw hot air out. Laptop hot air Mac Overheatingwill start circulating inside which will ended up damaging motherboard, hard drive, software crashes, blue screen of death and etc. This method applies to almost every computer, mac and laptop. Before you try messing around with it, make sure you have the right tools and knowledge to open up laptop. Cleaning dust from outside, keyboard, screen or beneath of laptop wont fix it at all. 

Importance of Laptop Health 

Looking after laptop health is as important as we look after ourselves. If you want to have laptop working well for longer, it is important to keep laptop healthy from all aspects. From software to hardware, if laptop has not getting any extra work load or stress – it will work for many years without having glitches or breakdown. Laptop overheating is extremely vital and one of the main reason why some laptops don’t have longer life. Many users actually use laptop on the couch, pillow, blanket and etc which does not let laptop to breath. Once laptop vents or air flow point are restricted, it will start heating up from palm rest, slowing down or have blue screen of death while laptop is working.

Laptop Overheating Fix and Our Service in London

IT Support London offers same day laptop repair, computer repair and mac repair service at your doorstep. We come to you to repair laptop overheating in London with most of the important tools required to repair computer, laptop or mac at your home or office. Laptop overheating is one of the issue which can be fixed at your home, office, cafeteria or nearby coffee shop. Let’s discuss step by step how we can repair laptop overheating at your place in London.

Step 1: First, Laptop needs to opened up completely and make sure don’t misplace the screws – sounds scary but don’t worry we have qualified engineers to do it.laptop overheating london

Step 2: Gently remove Laptop Fan, Processor and Heatsink.

Step 3: Open up Fan by removing sticky tape to clean it properly from inside out. 

Step 4: Blow air in heatsink to have all sorts of dust cleared. 

Step 5: (Important) Clean dried/hard thermal paste from underneath the heatsink and top of the processor.

Step 6: Install fresh thermal paste underneath the heatsink and top of the processor. Gently place heat sink on top of the processor and lock it. (This step is actually crucial, without this step overheating problem cannot be fixed).

Step 7: Install Laptop Fan back to where it was and close down the laptop again. Great, Its ready to go again.

By following the above steps, our engineer will make sure it wont heat up again. We will be using special tools and software to repair laptop overheating completely.

How to avoid Laptop Overheating Problem

It is very easy to have not laptop getting overheated. Laptop overheating generally appears because of care free use of it. If you change habits of how to use laptop which certainly have laptop not getting overheated. Some factors to have laptop overheating are like using it on sofa, bed, pillow, blanket and etc. People in London do have cats and dogs and normally their hair get stuck inside the vents or fan which do cause laptop overheating. We actually have experienced this in many cases.

Our Service in and around London

IT Support London is providing their service to all areas of London. Our engineers are travelling everywhere in London to fix laptop overheating same day service at your home or office. We understand life is so busy and laptop is always with you in train, busses or tube. You can have our engineer at your nearest place coffee shop, at your home or office to repair it. We have a very simple way of billing for our service, either you can agree on our hourly rate or we can offer you fixed amount. Both options will be provided so you would know its not going to end up costing you more than the expected.

How to Diagnose Overheating Problem

This has been the most important questions of laptop, mac and computer or gaming PC users. Laptop overheating or gaming pc overheating identification is very easy, if you find your laptop keyboard area or where you rest your palm is getting hot more than usual, it means laptop is moving toward overheating problem. in Gaming PC overheating , Desktop PC overheating and IMAC overheating it is slightly difficult to pickup or notice. Sings for it to check if PC is showing Blue Screen, slowing down, Power Supply or Internal Fan is making huge or grinding noise? If yes, action needs to be taken immediately before you lose your information or have motherboard burnt issue. Picking up this problem at early stages would have very less cost to fix it. If you have this issue ignored it may end up having you buying a new laptop, desktop or gaming pc. If you wish to check and be more accurate, Download this software and run it. If you find the temperature is crossing 50c, it means definitely you need to have it fixed.

Our Laptop Overheating Repair In London Work is Guaranteed

Finally, if you are not sure and wish to have your lovely laptop, desktop, gaming pc or Apple PC or Laptop Repaired? Dont Worry, call us and our engineer will arrange a visit and repair it at your home or office in London. Call us at 0203 290 5190 or send us an email at

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