Q?How does this repair service works ?

Sure, all you have to do just give us a call and speak directly to our engineer. Don’t worry, our engineer will just ask you simple questions to understand the problem. We will dispatch our specialist engineer to visit you same day at your place to fix the problem. Isn’t simple? So call us at 0203 290 5190 to book an appointment.

Q?How does this “No Fix , No Fee” Works

Our No Fix, No Fee policy means that if Geeks Callout does not have the required technical knowledge, skills or ability to resolve your issue, we do not charge anything.

If Geeks Callout can resolve the issue, but the customer, prevent us from doing so, by formal request or does not want to proceed with the work, we charge for our time spent.

If we explain and provide a clear diagnosis of a failed or faulty component and you, the customer, decides not to go ahead with the replacement of the component, then we charge for our time spent to that point.

Q?Why my computer is running very slow.

A slow computer can be for multiple reasons. Such as, Virus, Malware, Spyware, Spamware, Popups, Junk files and etc. Many people find their computer running slow with the passage of time. A slow computer can be faster as it was at the beginning. The best and most recommended solution by the top level engineers is to make a backup of your important documents such as, pictures, music, word, power point, excell sheet and etc and Re-install the fresh copy of operating system by formatting the Hard Drive.

Q?How would i know if my computer is infected with the virus.

When a computer is infected, symptoms can be found very easily. Very frustrating situation is when you find computer is running very slow. Infected computers can be very dangerous to your Online banking and any financial information your access on computer. If your computer is running very slow, auto popups , cannot access files, software and etc it means your computer is infected with the virus.

Q?My Laptop is overheating.

Over Heating issue arises when Laptop hot air does not go out. Laptop needs to breath and if something comes between it starts overheating. To avoid such situations, Laptop should be used on solid surface like wood, floor (without carpet) , table or lap. Some People use laptop on cushion, Blanket, Carpet and etc which cause pc Over Heating problem.

Q?Last night computer was working fine, This morning it is not booting up.

This is one the most frequently asked question. When computer gets a lot of junk inside or virus, spam, spyware and etc, often computers/laptops goes really slow. Most of the time no body bothers about and keep using it. A day when computer is full of junk you shut down properly and next day when you turn it on computer does not take that junk anymore and end up crashing Windows, Hard Drive  and etc.

Q?There is no Display or lines on the Screen.

If you Desktop Pc or Laptop is not showing anything on the screen, this could be because of bad graphics card. Sometimes it is not always graphics card issue. Display issue can be because of bad RAM, Processor, Motherboard or monitor. Display issue in desktop computer is easy to rectify compare to Laptop. In Laptops, Lines on screen, flickering display or display disappears by touching laptop lid could be because of bad connection between Mother Board and Screen or Screen it self faulty.

Q?I have dropped my Laptop and it is not working anymore.

If your laptop was running while it dropped, it could badly damage from inside. Make sure your turn it off as soon as possible unless it is completely cold. If you find laptop is not working anymore after it dropped, highly likely Hard Drive, Screen, RAM or Motherboard has been damaged.

Q?Printer is not responding anymore.

Please check if your printer is properly installed and connected to your Laptop/ Desktop. If you are using Networking printer and was working fine then, first restart your Printer and then Router. Sometimes Network printer get struck and needs to re-fresh the software.

Q?After blue screen Computer turns off automatically.

Blue screen mainly refers to faulty hardware or bad driver installed in your computer. Best Solution to fix it to re-install the fresh and updated operating system. If problem still persists then read what white writing tells you on blue screen error and change that particular part of the PC.

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