Which Hard Drive is Best to Choose from HD, SSHD or SSD Disk?

 25 August, 2020

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What is a Hard Drive, Solid-State Hybrid Drive and Solid State Drive?

Hard drive is one of the key components to run a computer, laptop, macbook or imac because it stores data even when the PC is turned off. All the operating system files and the programs installed, or information saved by the user are kept in the hard drive. So, it is important to make a right choice when buying a new hard drive for your computer because it directly influences its speed and storage capacity. Before buying a new hard drive the main factors that we should consider is the type of hard drive and its size.

Types of Hard Drive Available in the Market?

There are different kind of hard drive with different performance and data storage specifications. SSD, HDD, SSHD are the three main types. (Solid State Drive) SSD is one of the best performing hard drive so far as their data access time is less than 1 millisecond. The read and write capacity in SATA mode can reach more than 750MB/s. That is why Apple Macs, laptops and computers installed with SSD takes few seconds to boot the computer.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

This type of hard drive is the most common type used in desktop computers. It is extremely sensitive than the SSD because it is based on small mechanical components and old-fashioned spinning disc inside. It has large storage capacity and consist of multiple disk platters; A head is used to read and write information to the disk. Reading and writing speed is not that great therefore the price of normal standard HDD is very affordable even if you wish to choose bigger storage space. It’s always a good idea to use this for store files, videos, images and etc.

SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive)

SSHD is the combination of SSD and HDD. In short it is a classic hard drive linked with SSD drive. Usually with 8GB or 16GB of storage capacity, it basically acts as a cache memory when the computer is heavily loaded. Having a high capacity SSHD has an excellent performance, if you want to upgrade your computer regarding its speed very cheaply you can consider buying it. The price of this drive is slightly higher than HDD as it does have a very small capacity of SSD to store key operating system files.

SSD DRIVE (Solid State Drive)

SSD is a new type of disk drive that has emerged in recent years and use a quite different technology as traditional hard drive. SSD hard drive is based on electronic components just like RAM but it keeps its data even the computer is turned off like a plain old USB or a memory card. The read and write speed of SSDs are excellent and it really give a boost to even normal computer having simple intel processor. Recently, all computers brands are installing SSDs in latest computers, laptops and even Apple is doing the same with the MacBook, MacBook Air and iMacs. People need to work and require quick response from computers. Even now the basic applications like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Outlook does demand a lot of power from computers. Having an SSD installed in PC will make these applications run faster. There are many SSDs like NVMe (Normally comes in gaming laptops) or Nano Flash designed by different companies, but we believe Samsung is still the best to go in terms of price and the quality the have produced. The price of even smaller SSDs are quite high like you can buy 250 GB SSD for the price of 1 TB standard hard drive.

Which Hard Disk / Drive to Choose?

Choose hard drive depends on the user and the sort of work required from computer. User needs should be considered when selecting a hard drive. For office and internet browsing, basic mechanical hard drives should be fine. Normally its minimum capacity is 250GB and it spins at 7200 Rpm.

High performance hard drive like SSD will allow your computer to run powerful software’s and applications. Hence, it must have higher read and write speed and larger cache memory. It is recommended to use a 10,000 Rpm drive with 32 or 64 MB cache
Cache is used to speed up the processing of data i.e. during booting of windows. For mechanical hard drives, the performance improvement is negligible. The default cache is of 8MB which can enhanced to 16MB. Standard RPM is 7500 and will reach 10000 with SATA cable on some models.

Storage capacity of a hard drive is also a key aspect which ranges from 700GB to several Terabyte. Users will need a large storage capacity if you want to keep a lot of files and to create multiple partitions. Partitions comes in handy like if you want to run multiple operating system on a single computer, so user can easily switch between them. Large capacity hard drives used for this purpose, so it doesn’t not have to be very fast and efficient.

Force Resistance Should be Considered?

To improve the chance of not losing your data, some users consider impact resistance before buying a hard drive. It’s very normal to drop, smash or bump your laptop while travelling or if you have kids to watch or play games. Standard mechanical hard drive normally won’t be able to take any external impact and start making a weird clicking noise or completely dead. If we compare it with SSD are far good than standard hard drive in this point of view, as they are made of electronic chips only. In simple example, all latest mobile phones are coming with chips having storage capacity, so if you drop your phone, screen maybe smashed but you don’t lose what is stored inside. Well, there is one bad point of having an SSD is, if it happened to be dead, it’s impossible to retrieve anything out of it so make sure you keep everything backed up on external hard drive or probably use cloud system like OneDrive or DropBox to keep everything backup.

Is it Good to Use External Hard Drives?

When the internal hard drive does not have enough storage to store your data anymore, the ideal solution is to have an external hard drive to provide breathing space to your hard drive and boost the computer performance. If for some reason computer software crashes user files will remain safe but if hard drive died, you will lose everything. It is advisable to use models in 2.5-inch format as they are smaller and lighter. The best thing is that they a connected via a USB cable with any computer, laptop or apple mac. It’s easy to carry and data can be stored or removed by just doing simple steps.


It is good to have multiple hard drive instead of just one. Maybe you could use SSD drive just to install Windows 10 operating system, Linux or Mac while the other standard hard drive can be used to store user data such as software’s, games, videos etc. The good thing is that when something bad happens only the SSD having the operating system needs to be formatted and the data will remain on the second drive. This is the best practice in modern desktop or custom build computers, but I am afraid it’s not possible in laptops, so it’s best to follow the partition system to create multiple disk drive from 1 single hard drive to achieve the same pattern.

If you are not sure which computer, mac or laptop to purchase or unsure which hard drive or SSD is best to buy, call us at 0203 290 5190 or email us info@geekscallout.co.uk our PC or Mac expert will provide you FREE advice to choose what is best for you.

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