The Top 10 Endpoint Security Solutions for Business

 22 July, 2020

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Keep your endpoints safe at all time

Enterprises may consider engaging a competent IT company to help with the essential cybersecurity practices that all operations need in the modern age. Choosing a reliable endpoint security solution that is well suited to your business is one way of making sure all of the computers and devices in your network are safe from threats. 

1: Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

This is a reliable and highly rated security package for up to 50 users with a wide range of features that mainly work automatically. These include firewall, antimalware, URL filtering, device control, web advisor and remote management. The software is easily customised, so access to websites and user actions can be controlled. Everything can be monitored and controlled from a central console, and custom security policies can be created and applied.

2: Sophos Intercept X Endpoint

The endpoint security software from Sophos is powerful and it reports high detection rates. It includes application control, browsing protection, device control, data control and remote management. It is capable of analysing behaviour for finding the most recent threats, removing exploit code, and identifying malicious servers affecting endpoint connections. Zero-day threats can also be blocked by the core engine, and features like data loss prevention are especially useful for businesses. However the background activities can affect performance. 

3: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

This is the protection programme that is integrated into Windows 10, but there are also versions for Linux and MacOS. It includes the popular Windows Defender antivirus, and an incident response console that issues alerts and displays incident response activities across Microsoft applications and directories. However, this does not rank well for threat protection, the features are slightly limited and there are some difficult licensing issues. 

4: Avast Business Antivirus Pro

An endpoint software security suite for up to 100 users, and featuring firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, email protection and remote management. There is also the chance to sandbox applications for safer use. The antivirus has been tested in an independent report and it is proven to block 99.7 percent of threats. There is also a free version available, but the Pro version is easier to use and has extra features, such as Sharepoint and exchange protection. This is only available for Windows users. 

5: Check Point SandBlast Agent

This endpoint protection solution is aimed at small businesses and is available in cloud or as an on-site application. It has threat detection capabilities and a threat intelligence service called ThreatCloud. It also uses Static File Analysis to detect malware and ransomware, and it offers high attack visibility with comprehensive forensics reports. Its wide range of features also include a Zero Phishing module, an anti-bot system and a virtual sandbox. 

6: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

This product is aimed at small businesses, and it offers protection for up to 150 users of Windows, Windows Server, iOS and Android. The package includes firewall, antivirus, anti-spam, browsing protection, web security and mobile security. There are also tools for detecting insecure devices, password management, and call and text filtering. There is also bluetooth configuration, a web console managing network that is easy to use, and the antivirus rates highly in independent testing. 

7: Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

This is a fast and lightweight endpoint security solution that takes up just 2MB of disk space and installs in just 5 seconds, providing for up to 249 users. The package includes outbound firewall, antivirus, behaviour monitoring, browsing protection, and identity and privacy protection. All the installations can be tracked on the cloud-based console, and the programme works in both Windows and Mac environments. 

8: Symantec Endpoint Protection 

This solution is available for businesses of all sizes, and it includes firewall, anti-malware, antivirus, anti spyware, intrusion prevention, and it also prevents data loss. It also has tools for behavioural analysis, file reputation, machine learning to make policy updates, mobile device and app control, and the ability to monitor and block unauthorised access. Symantec claims that the threat detection is the strongest protection available. 

9: CrowdStrike Falcon

This is a solution for endpoint protection available on the cloud or on-site, and it includes antivirus, device control and threat protection. Malicious elements are blocked with the use of AI and threat intelligence. Falcon Prevent uses machine learning techniques to identify irregular activity and prevent malicious activity. CrowdStrike Falcon is flexible and offers different packages to meet different needs and budgets. 

10: McAfee Endpoint Security

These solutions are mainly aimed at large organisations that need far-ranging endpoint security programmes. McAfee Endpoint Security has advanced detection capabilities that are based on machine learning, for a higher level of threat detection and response. This also includes credential theft monitoring. McAfee makes use of automation and behavioural analysis, and it has flexible options for cloud storage. MVISION is a premium service for endpoint detection and response. 

With more employees working from home, a reliable endpoint security system is even more important for protecting business networks against the wide range of malicious threats. Be sure to choose a solution that is right for your organisation, and that every potential vulnerability has been accounted for.

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