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Lenovo Laptop was dead and the charging port was broken – below images for inside view


Reviving the Lenovo Legion 5: From Dusty and Dead to Optimal Performance – A Geeks’ Callout Success Story 

Are you tired of the relentless London hustle, longing for some quality gaming or productive time on your trusty Lenovo Legion 5? So was our recent client when they handed us their seemingly hopeless laptop. When it arrived at our lab, it was suffering from a broken charging port, and to make matters worse, it was a dust magnet with blocked fans, resulting in severe overheating. But don’t fret, fellow geeks; we’re here to share the triumphant tale of how we breathed new life into this Lenovo Legion 5.

The Grim Arrival

Our client’s Lenovo Legion 5 arrived at our lab in a pitiful state. The charging port was shattered, rendering the laptop completely dead. Dust had infiltrated every nook and cranny of the system, suffocating its performance. Overheating had become the norm, and the laptop’s capabilities were a shadow of what they used to be.

Geeks Callout to the Rescue

Our team of expert geeks immediately sprang into action. We knew we had a formidable challenge ahead of us, but that only fueled our determination to restore this Lenovo Legion 5 to its former glory.

Step 1: Charging Port Revival


First on the agenda was fixing the broken charging port. Our Lenovo gaming skilled technicians carefully replaced the damaged port with a brand-new one, breathing life back into the laptop. With the power issue resolved, we could now focus on addressing the thermal disaster within.

Step 2: Battling the Dust


We rolled up our sleeves and meticulously disassembled the laptop to wage war on the dust that had taken up residence inside. Using specialised tools, we cleaned the fans, vents, and all the internal components. The difference was already noticeable; the laptop was beginning to breathe easier.

Step 3: Tackling Overheating


To combat the overheating issue, we decided to go the extra mile. After cleaning, we applied a fresh layer of high-quality thermal paste to ensure optimal heat transfer between the CPU and GPU and their respective cooling systems. This simple but effective step would significantly improve the laptop’s thermal performance.


The Remarkable Transformation

With the charging port fixed, dust banished, and improved thermal management, the Lenovo Legion 5 underwent a remarkable transformation. It was no longer the sluggish, overheating beast it once was. Instead, it roared back to life, performing at its peak capacity.

Speedy Turnaround

We understood how important this laptop was to our client, and we aimed to minimise their downtime. From the moment it arrived in our lab to the moment it was packed up for its return journey to outside of London, only three days had elapsed.


The Lenovo Legion 5 was once a broken and overheating mess, but thanks to the skilled geeks at our lab, it’s now back in action, ready to tackle the demands of gaming and productivity. If you’re facing similar issues with your laptop, don’t give up hope. Reach out to the experts, and you might be surprised at what they can achieve.

So, if you’re ever in a bind with your tech troubles, remember the Geeks Callout team is just a call away, ready to work their magic and bring your devices back from the brink of despair.

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