Refurbished laptops: Best, affordable and environment friendly solution

 28 Oct, 2020

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Why refurbished laptops are good?

Laptops are your go-to work companion, so ensuring that they are fitted with the latest features and have optimum levels of functionality for your needs is extremely critical. You want a laptop that’s quick, responsive, and smart, even if you want to use it for business purposes. The market is full of choices that will meet your needs, but a tricky point can be budget limitations. Most of the times people end up buying a laptop way above their needs and spend a lot of money without knowing what they are getting with it. For newbies, refurbished laptops can be a perfect alternative to pockets. So why are refurbished laptops a better deal?

Better value for money

In order to get them back to work, these refurbished laptop computers undergo minimal repair work. To ensure that they show optimum efficiency, strict inspection protocols have been enforced. Compared to newer devices, they even undergo more thorough competence checking, to have a hassle-free experience. All refurbished laptop, desktop, macbook or imac passes extreme stress test to be able to sell online or in the local computer market. Most of the manufacturer give upto 12 months warranty to make sure customer feel safe while spending money on it. But let me tell you, with our experience same laptop with “Brand New” tag would cost almost 30% extra of the refurb amount. If you can find a laptop with manufacturer warranty even for 6 months, just go for it because it may have slightly been used or very basic component like, screen, hard drive etc might have been replaced. 

Preferred as a new laptop

If you buy from an approved reseller a refurbished laptop, you get a guaranteed warranty as well as a defined return policy, as you will receive it with a brand new one. This way, you can knock on the dealer’s door to fix the issue if you’re not satisfied with the performance of the product. This is the safest option; manufacturer knows there is nothing wrong with the motherboard and its same as like brand new laptop. In our line of work, many people are reluctant to buy refurbished macbook or computer thinking it may die soon. Having a warranty means it would go under the same protocol as a new laptop or mac.

Attention to the environment

Typically, as people throw their used laptop or computer away, they end up in landfills like electronic waste, creating a serious threat to the environment. A significant amount of electronic waste can be eliminated if those devices are recycled and reused. So, you are taking a small step towards environmental support when you purchase a laptop that has been refurbished.

Buy updated laptops: tips

Here are some purchasing tips that will be useful when making this inexpensive and environmentally friendly choice:

 1: Identify the right laptop based on your usage

If you are an enthusiast of video games or a professional pro, just take a look at what your goals are and make a purchase decision accordingly. Normally users love to play video game would go for high-end machine like, above i5 processor, over 16GB RAM , Solid-State drive and upto 2 GB graphics card but basic home user dont need that. If you wish to use computer or laptop to run Microsoft Office, internet browsing, watch youtube or videos, playing music and etc, user simply can have a laptop with i3 processor, 8GB RAM, solid-state or mechanical hard drive with motherboard integrated intel graphics would be an ideal.

 2: Look on the Internet

Start online with your quest. There are several reputable online retailers selling laptops that have gone through the modification, so you can pick from a lot of choices. The best online platform to buy refurbished PC are from ebay or amazon. Most of the manufacturers have listed refurbished computers, macbooks and laptops from 6 to 12 months warranty. We personally recommend if you are not very good with computers just buy one of these computers to start with.

 3: Find a reliable reseller

Make sure that your hard earned money is invested in a reputable trader or company like Dell, HP, Apple, Asus, Lenovo and etc. Verify the credentials of the seller and follow the recommendations of the customer have used them already.

 4: Guarantee and return policy

Ensure that you are getting a fair and straightforward deal. A suitable retail invoice, assured warranty, and a clear return policy should be obtained.

If you need any help or free advice in finding a best laptop, computer or macbook, feel free to email or call us at 0203 290 5190 and speak to our qualified PC expert to make a right choice. We believe in helping community and safe IT world.

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