Apple MacBook Pro Battery Replacement is difficult, but not impossible

Send it to Apple or an authorised service centre for repair. But, if it’s out of warranty, follow the instructions and do it by yourself.

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


How to Replace the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air Battery

It’s always a best and reliable to take your device to Apple for any sort of repair or replacement of the component. But if the warranty is no longer valid, you may pay the price to the local apple repair centre or grab a screwdriver to repair it by yourself. It’s easier to replace the MacBook faulty battery than HDD or SSD. Now a day’s people can watch YouTube videos to see step by step how to change the MacBook pro or MacBook Air battery. It looks easy by watching it, we always recommend booking a professional MacBook repair near me to do it. 

We have done the battery replacement on MacBook Pro. In order to do it successfully, we would need a specific toolkit and of course a replacement battery. If you think of buying one, consider spending around £80 to buy a quality battery from Amazon or eBay. Meanwhile, you are ordering a battery make sure it comes with necessary tools/screwdriver to replace it.

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How to Open Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

The first step is very easy and simple. With the help of screwdriver (step 1), remove almost 10 screws that hold the aluminium plate bottom of the MacBook. The simple Apple design is very user friendly and easy to disassemble. Once the bottom plate or cover is removed, you can easily access the logic board (step 2) of the MacBook and carry on removing the faulty battery.

Now to move on the second step, you need a little bit of focus and attention. In the second step we are going to remove connectors (step 3) which are directly connected to the operations of MacBook. The first connector located on the right or the top of the battery connected to the logic board. The second cable joins the logic board to the trackpad so remove is carefully. Using a small plastic spatula, you must carefully remove the connectors. 

In order to remove the battery, the speakers (step 5) should be removed of the MacBook pro. You just need to remove few screws to remove speakers gently, no need to remove them entirely.

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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Remove the Old and Install the New MacBook Battery 


One of the difficult process while removing the battery, screws that connects to MacBook base needs to be removed first. Do not try to be harsh to push anything because MacBook components are extremely easy to remove once all the screws are off. Indeed, the battery is glued (step 6) to the base of the MacBook. Using the right tools like spatula, remove it but again don’t be too hard with it. The battery of the MacBook Pro is designed in several parts, this surely makes the task slightly less complicated. Extremely important for the safety reasons, it is imperative not to make a whole or puncture the battery, especially if it is slightly fat, swollen (the risk of fire in then real). We cannot advise you too much, if you are unsure, call a professional for laptop help. It is important to remember to take off the battery is not as easy as it looks like.

Once the battery is removed safely, (disposed of responsibly, not in a simple trash bin) simply place the new replacement battery using the tape came with the replacement kit (step 7). Carefully, you must replace the screws, the speakers and the disconnected connectors. Once above tasks have been completed, all you have to do is to put the cover back on and start MacBook Pro. If you hear the Chime sound and see the Apple logo, congratulations you haven’t damaged anything. Once the macOS booted, check at the top of the screen, if battery sign appears, means you have successfully installed a new MacBook battery

MacBook battery replacement is not an impossible task but remains a risky and operation not to be taken lightly (*). We cannot recommend too much to the uninformed user, any doubt please call a professional for the safety questions, or to be accompanied by a user who is used to getting his hands dirty. Note That, Apple do offer battery replacement service for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air all models in or out of warranty.

Step 6
Step 7

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