My MacBook Printer is Offline, What Should i Do?

New printer is not been setting up, showing offline or idle but still not printing?

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


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You have an important document to print urgently to present in a meeting and printer is not responding? Bad luck, don’t need to be panic, just read the message carefully whatever the error that appears when you attempt to print. Geeks Callout has several solutions to solve the printing problem quickly and other devices connected to macOS.

What types of error can appear while printing?

Printing problem can be due to multiple issues.

If your Printer is not properly connected or recognised by your iMac or MacBook it won’t be found in your System Preference > Printers and Scanners.

The Printer driver / software not installed correctly on your Mac or Microsoft computer makes it unavailable.

Your Printer is connected with your Apple device but still not printing due to incompatibility of the device with latest macOS or the driver problem.

Check If Your Printer has WIFI Compatibility

Find a sticker on your printer to make sure its compatible with Wifi printing. There are many Apple compatible printers like HP, Epson, Samsung, Ricoh to allow you to print documents without the need to install or download any drivers. Most of the compatible devices driver comes pre-installed in Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina the latest macOS.

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on and connected to the same home or office Wifi network as your iMac or MacBook. To make it easy and sure, you must have configured Wifi network with the name to found easily under the Wifi list. Try to always keep Wifi password easy to remember.
  2. If your Printer is unable to found the Wifi connection, try bringing the router, printer and MacBook closer for the stronger signal and connection.
  3. if nothing happens, visit the manufacturer website and install the latest printer firmware. If you don’t find the latest firmware or its old, the particular printer may no longer support your Laptop or MacBook. If that happens, it’s probably time to buy a new printer.
  4. Install the latest or any pending update from Apple.

If by following the above steps, still you cannot printer, reset the printing system by following these instructions:

  1. Click on the Apple logo at top left corner, go to “System Preferences
  2. Find “Printer & Scanners” and click on it
  3. Click on the list of devices while holding down the “Ctrl” key
  4. Do not release the “Ctrl” key and select “reset the printing system

If by doing all the above steps, printer is still offline, don’t hesitate to leave us a message or call us as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with printer manufacturer directly.

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If the Printer is not Compatible with WIFI or Network


1: If you have connected printer via USB cable to your MacBook and it’s still not appearing, just turn off and wait for one minute and turn printer back on.

2: Install the latest printer software, driver or update MacBook if available.

3: Reconnect printer USB cable to your MacBook for automatically installation.

4: Turn printer back on and wait until the calibration and startup is complete.

5: Click on Apple Logo, “System Preferences” and go to “Printers and Scanners”.

6: If you don’t see any printers in the list, click on “+” button at the bottom of the application, printer will be recognised by your Mac automatically and you can start printing.


If you have followed all the steps, it should have installed printer successfully on your iMac or MacBook. If for some reason by doing everything your printer is still showing “inactive” or “offline” it means either Laptop is not been able to recognise it, or Printer driver has not been installed correctly. Normally, Printer installation on MacBook with latest macOS Catalina is very simple and straightforward. MacBook or iMac older than 2011 cannot be upgraded to latest macOS, older Macs can only be upgraded till High Sierra and possibly the latest model of the printer is not designed for High Sierra macOS. It’s very important to check manufacturer website if the particular printer does support your system OS or possibly the printer is too old to support all macOS.

Geeks Callout is based in London providing online printer installation support through the UK to help you when you need an IT expert in emergency situation. Geeks Callout has shops in London and Oxford for customers to visit to get computer issues resolved.

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