Laptop, Mac and PC Remote Control Service, How Does it Work? Is it Safe?

 06 January, 2021


At Geeks Callout, we use Team Viewer Secure Remote Connection, which allows us to safely troubleshoot you remotely.

As its name suggests, remote control allows you to perform actions on a computer from a remote device sitting anywhere in the world. Software troubleshooting and repair as well as full control or mouse and keyboard is possible through remote control, thanks to an Internet connection.

How does a remote control take place?

When controlling a computer remotely, the user can give access to his device via a remote-control software. It is also possible to connect two computers via a local network, which makes it possible to recover files or to use software installed on one workstation from another. The remote-control software works slightly differently, it can be useful for troubleshooting or even being serviced when problems are encountered. Remote control system allow user to take a control of your computer, laptop or macOS to resolve the issue while you can watch on your screen cursor moving and things are happening, quite fascinating, isn’t?

Remote control on Windows 10

Remote control is an option built into Windows 10 via the built-in Desktop Connection or Quick Assist tool. To use it, it is essential that the computer to be accessed is switched on, Windows loading, connected to the Internet and that remote connections are authorized on this device. The person wishing to connect to the computer remotely must have the name of the device or the remote software ID and a password which will be communicated to him by the user. User can stop the remote control at any time by closing the TeamViewer Connection window.

Remote control software

Hard drive problem , slow computer , creation of partitions or even virus infection are computer problems that can be solved remotely with this type of software. Among the best known, we find Team Viewer (which we use as part of our work at Geeks Callout), AnyDesk or LogMeIn for Microsoft and for Mac, click here. After having downloaded and installed the software on user computer, the user will only have to communicate his username and password to the computer repairer so that it can intervene remotely. User can stop access anytime by closing the remote application, don’t worry, every time user open up the application the password will be changed automatically.

The different uses of Remote control software

As mentioned above, remote control can be useful for diagnostic, installation of uninstallation of the programme, iTunes, virus clean-up and etc but this kind of software can also be used by employers who want to keep an eye on the activity of their employees. Thanks to the remote control, they can monitor employee actions in real time on office computer. They can thus ensure the proper use of the software entrusted to them.

The computer repair is also possible with the help of tools in Remote Control software. The user therefore does not need to travel for a diagnosis or repair quotation. Note that this kind of troubleshooting however only for application concerns and not the hardware (broken hard drive). For example, troubleshooting via remote control allows you to reinstall an operating system if it is not functioning correctly.

Remote control: Quick repair method used in companies, now accessible to the general public

The improvement of Internet connections and the high-speed we have, allowed remote control to emerge. This method, which is widely used by companies, is now more accessible to the general public. Within companies it is mainly used for hotline / helpdesk services for remote troubleshooting. Some companies even use external service providers for IT problems encountered on employee PC. Today, individuals can also do the same, either get troubleshooting using remote control software, so as not to have to go to a technician to resolve a fault, or to call a person. to our home unnecessarily.

Remote handling: what about securing the connection?

When operating remotely, the owner of the device can view in real time all the repair work happening on his device. One of the advantages is that he can disconnect his computer at any time by closing the remote control software. Also, so that the person to the other side can access his computer, user must give the device ID as well as a password showing on the remote software. This can be changed after each use. A remote connection is therefore very secure and allows user to check the actions of his repairman!

Computer troubleshooting through remote control

Geeks Callout teams can help effectively to troubleshoot computers via remote control. Our services range from combating viruses and their removal on a heavily infected computer to running an antivirus through the installation of an operating system. After diagnosing the problem remotely, Geeks Callout’s technical advisers take control of the PC to perform the various tasks: resolution of slowness problems, data security or even reinstallation of the Windows operating system as well as many other services.

At Geeks Callout: the use of a TeamViewer

To help with customers, Geeks Callout uses the Team Viewer or Microsoft Windows 10 Software called “Quick Assist”. It is a tool that will allow our expert geek to take control of the computer.

To do this, the customer will be asked to download it by clicking on here

Once the session is over, all user has to do is close the remote control application. If user encounters difficulties in launching this tool, our geeks will explain very easy steps to follow to make it work.

If you wish to benefit from computer troubleshooting with remote control, contact us on 0203 290 5190. We offer a diagnostic as well as “Repaired or Refunded” and “No Fix No Fee” guarantee.

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