How to Share Files Between macOS and Windows PC on Network

 1st January, 2021

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Do you have iMac, MacBook or Windows computer at home or office attached to the same network? Perhaps, you wish to share information between 2 devices using your same ethernet or WIFI network? Whether you wish to share photos, music, documents or secret files, Mac or PC has several ways to share files between each other using the same network. We have managed to put together 2 easy steps to share or exchange files between macOS and Windows based computer or laptop.

1: Apple macOS File Sharing for Windows

macOS users have built-in file sharing in it. By following simple steps or configuration, file sharing between iMac, MacBook can be established with any Windows PC at home or office network.

  1. Click on the top Apple logo
  2. Click on “System Preferences > Sharing
  3. In the left menu check “File sharing” box.

4: Select “Options … “

5: You will be able to see list of all the account on Mac ready to enable for “Windows File Sharing”. Select and check any of the registered account to enable sharing.

6: Box will come up, enter the password of the registered user account (if any).

7: Select “Done

8: Go back to main menu “System Preferences” and select “Network

9: Select your active connection on the left menu.

10: Click “Advanced

11: Select the “WINS” tab.

12: Enter the workgroup name used by the Windows PC on the work. Microsoft Windows computers normally uses either “Workgroup” or MSHome”. If you are not sure the name of group, go to windows computer, click on “Control Panel” select “System and Security > System. You would be able to find the group name associated with Windows Computer

13: Bac on Mac, Click OK > Apply

14: File Sharing has been enabled, Mac and Windows PC is ready to share files.

15: Now to share files, go to top navigation bar and click on “Go > Network”. You should be able to see a list of all the devices attached to the network.

Cloud Sharing Service

If you are required to share files with another device almost every day, setting up a shared cloud service can help.

There are plenty of secured and encrypted free cloud-based services allow users to exchange as well as collaborate with other users in real time. Cloud storage services also come with prebuilt backup system in case device has got damaged or files have been tempered or lost. It can always revert back to previous date when everything was perfect. Choosing a DopBox, OneDrive or Google Drive is best to work with under home or business environment.

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