How to fix a PC or laptop that won’t boot?

 27 July, 2021

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Urgent work, a sudden need… and a laptop that won’t start. Over the years, PCs and Laptops have become increasingly reliable machines. Whether laptop or desktop computers, they install components power full enough to accompany you for several years. After some terrible flaws and crashes, Windows 10 shows good stability and crashes are becoming rare.

However, there is no such thing as zero risk. And if, when you switch on your computer, or shortly thereafter, after the manufacturer logo the screen remains black, an event has necessarily occurred since the last use which has led the PC to no longer boot normally. This can be hardware or software … or even both. A poorly connected cable, a peripheral that you forgot to disconnect, a faulty driver , a Windows update that went wrong … several things are possible to unravel the mystery of the famous “no bootable disk” symptom and put your computer back up and running. If the failure never happens at the right time, it is not inevitable: a few simple actions are sometimes enough to repair computer!


Check that the power cord is properly plugged in! If so, try plugging the computer into another outlet, or plugging another device into the outlet to check the power outlet working properly. Sometimes laptop works on a battery despite having it connected to the power outlet. If the charger is not supplying enough power to the laptop and the battery is not fully charged it may just die during the windows boot up screen.

Fixing a laptop that won’t start: the first emergency step

With a laptop, there is a very simple guide to perform. Unplug your computer, and remove the battery. Then press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds: this operation resets all the components, a sort of hard “reset”, don’t worry, you won’t delete any of your data stored inside the computer. Finally, reassemble the battery and try to start your computer normally.

The Laptop starts up, but don’t boot or dots keep going in circle?

If you laptop starts up but don’t boot or shows the windows 10 logo and dots keep going in circle possibly its time to start your computer in safe mode to go back to the “best last known configurations”.

Follow the steps to go to safe mode.

1: Press the power button to turn on the PC as soon as you see the Windows logo, press and hold the power button to force shutdown the PC.

2: Do this step again, now it’s the second time your PC is going to force shutdown.

3: Again press the power button, this time check if you can see just below the dotted circle “diagnosing your PC”. At this point, just leave it running to go into the windows troubleshoot manu. If you don’t see “diagnosing your PC” and just see the dotted circle going round, follow the 1st step again.

Normally it take 2 to 3 attempts to bring the “diagnosing your PC” screen.

4: Blue screen will appear, select the option “Troubleshoot

5: go to “Advanced Options

6: Select “Startup Settings” , This will lead to safe mode options

7: Press “Restart” to bring the safe mode options on the screen.

8: Finally, use your keyboard and press the number “4” button and this will take you straight to safe mode screen.

Once you have managed to get into safe mode. Uninstall the most recent programs you have installed or just remove the latest update by going into “windows uninstall manager“. If you have recently updated any drivers, just remove them. Most commonly, if you remove graphic driver or recent antivirus program installed, PC may boot up normaly.

No External Devices

Diagnose! Remove all external devices like USBs, printer, docking station and cables from the computer. Disconnect the power cable, remove the battery, press and hold the power button for 10 second and put it back. Once all done try to power on your PC to see if it goes in the windows login screen.

No Power

If the PC is not getting any power, dont think its dead. Try replacing the battery or changing the power adaptor. Sometimes it does make your laptop startup.

Flashing or beep indicator, lights without starting

This could be a hardware failure; check the manufacturer website for more in-depth diagnosis. Manufacturer list most of the issues especially the problem behind the number of beeps. If you can open your computer, give it a good clean, it may solve the problem.

No Signal on Monitor Screen

if your desktop or gaming PC showing no signal on the monitor screen despite PC fans are running, it could be an issue with the monitor or the graphics card. Very rarely it could be an issue with the HDMI or video cable. We would recommend first to change the monitor to see if it does make the difference. Secondly, try removing and replacing the graphics card back to see if it does the trick. It is also worth checking if the cables are properly connected at the back as well.

Blinking lights, fan noise without starting

Component failure possibly, Plug in an external display monitor to check if your laptop screen is problematic. If it shows the external display but not on your internal laptop screen, it could be either screen or internal graphics issue. Follow the simple step of turning your laptop off, removing the battery if you could, press and hold the power button for 10 second and try turning it back on.

Sometimes boot and freezing

If PC mostly says “no bootable device found” but sometimes does boot and run very slow it could be either software or hardware issue. We have seen most cases ended up having an issue with the hard drive. We suggest backup your data and using a disc or the USB stick reinstall the operating system to check if it makes a difference. If it is still very slow in process or unable to install the operating system, it’s time to change the hard drive, SSD or the NVME.

If you need any further information about PC , laptop or Mac not showing display, speak directly to our expert at 0203 290 5190 or leave us an email at Our expert will do their best to help you out and solve the issue.

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