How to Download and Install Windows 11 on Your PC

 29 November, 2021

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We’ve made it easy to download and Install Windows 11 on any device. This guide will show you how to install Microsoft’s latest operating systems. It also includes detailed instructions.

How to Install Windows 11

1: Windows 11 Installation Assistant
2: Windows 11 Media Creation Tool
3: Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO image)

It is easier to install Windows 11 yourself than Windows 10 or previous Windows versions. In most cases, you don’t even require a USB drive (or CD/DVD).

There are different ways to install Windows 11. The last option is for Windows Insiders only.

1: Windows 11 Update Checker is available for eligible Windows 10 Devices
2: Windows 11 installation assistant
3: Microsoft’s official media creator tool for Windows 11
4: Official ISO image of Windows 11 disk

1: Windows 11 Installation Assistant


You don’t need to wait for an upgrade invitation. Microsoft’s installation assistant can be used to free-of-charge migrate Windows 10 to Windows 11.

1: You can download Windows Installation Assistant, Media Creation Tool, and a disk image (ISO) from the Windows 11 Download Page.

2: Click “Download Now” to download the installation assistant. Save it to a location on your Windows 10 device.

3: The assistant will prompt you to verify your eligibility for Windows 11 by using the PC Health Check app. You can download it under “Check compatibility“.

4: The PC Health Check app will verify that your device is capable of running Windows 11. Once it has been confirmed, refresh the screen.

5: A licensing agreement will be requested for Windows 11 installation. To proceed, accept it.

6: You can relax and wait for Windows 11 to download and install. This can take from a few minutes to several hours.

7: After the steps of the installation assistant are completed, your computer will automatically reboot. Once the installation is complete, your computer will automatically restart.

2: Windows 11 Media Creation Tool


You can also use Windows 11 Media Creation Tool, but you will need a USB stick.

1: Get Windows 11 installation media at the official Windows 11 Download Page.


2: A pop-up screen will appear when you launch the media creator tool. It will take a while to prepare.

3: An “Applicable notices” and license terms document will be presented to you. Accept to continue.


4: To proceed, select the language and Windows 11 edition you wish to use.

windows 11 select language


5: Select the USB drive option to use the media creation tool. (The ISO option will also be covered in this tutorial below).

windows 11 choose media


6: Insert a USB drive into your laptop/PC. This will be the USB drive that will contain the Windows 11 media creator tool.

windows usb flash drive


7: You can relax and wait for Windows 11 download to complete.

windows 11 download


8: Once you have done this, you can view all the contents of the bootable Windows 11 media within a Windows 10 folder.

media folder


9: Your boot key can be used to start Windows setup using the keyboard. This depends on the laptop or computer manufacturer. F2 , F12 , Esc , etc. To get to the blue installation screen, you must press the boot key quickly during a reboot.

10: Follow the instructions on the screen until you reach a screen that requires you to allocate space on your Windows 11 drive.

boot partition

11: Windows 11 installation process starts the moment you choose a partition. The installation is almost automatic and you don’t need to do any additional work.

3: Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)


To boot a virtual machine file, you can also use an ISO (Windows 11 disk image)

1: Go to the Windows 11 official download page, and choose “Windows 11” for the download.

windows 11 ISO


2: After choosing the language, you will need to confirm the download. This is a link to a file that will remain active for 24 hours.

3: To proceed, click 64-bit download

windows 11 english iso


4: The ISO file has a size of approximately 5GB. It could also have been created using Windows 11 media creator (covered in this tutorial).



5: Double-click the ISO file after it has been downloaded to mount it. Another option is to use a right-click and then “Mount”.

ISO burn on usb
6: You will see a bootable folder. To proceed, click “setup”.

windows 11 setup
7: Allow Windows 11 to complete its preparations for you.

windows installation
8: The setup screen for Windows 11 will appear. To begin the setup, click “Next”.

windows update and installation


9: Accept the “Applicable notices” and the “License terms.”

10: Wait for the updates finishes. This will start the installation. It will take several hours. When you are done, click “restart“. Windows 11 Install ISO Updating.

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