How to check Hard Drive health or Hard Drive Bad Sector

Hard drive is the most essential component in computers, laptop or apple device. Today almost every gadget is based on Hard Drive or Solid State Drive. Have you ever thought why do we need Hard Drive or Solid State Drive? Well, it’s very simple when it comes to store an information somewhere, we need hard drive or solid state drive to make it work.

What is Hard Drive:

Hard Drive is based on mechanical disk and has been in use for many years in PC, Computes, Laptops and etc. These drives are still in use across many computers, laptops and apple devices. Hard drives performance is slow and with the age it can have bad sector developed in it. It’s very important to have good branded hard drive as it works as storage device in laptop, computers and etc.

What is SSD?

SSD is called Solid State Drive and its a replacement of Hard Drive. Many companies like, Lenovo, HP, Acer and APPLE are actually installing SSD on their upcoming computers. Why people prefer SSD, because it quicker, safe and read and writing speed of data is phenomenal. Its like you can have ferrari engine in 1980 Car. People who are facing slow boot up speed or working on graphics, its highly recommended have this SSD installed to enjoy the fastest speed. Compare to Hard Drive this drive is expensive but completely worth it.

What is the difference between memory and storage.

Some people get confused between memory and storage. Let’s make it simple to understand, Memory is like your hands and Storage is in gadgets like Laptop, Desktop and MAC is the brain. In order to perform tasks quickers, hands needs to move quicker – Bigger storage means, laptop and computers can store as much information as required.

How to check hard drive or solid state drive health.

It is very common question or people do try to look what is the best way to find if the hard drive or solid state drive health is weak or not working well. Well if  your computer or laptop seems to work slow and all other laptop repair or computer repair tasks have been performed lets say, windows re-installation, virus check and etc. Still have no luck, its best to check the hard drive health.

Here i am going to explain what is the best and easy way to have it check.

Step 1: Download the software called “CrystalDiskinfo Standard Edition” 


Step2: This software can be installed or downloaded in Zip format.

Step 3: Once the software has downloaded you need to run either 64bit or 32bit .exe file based your system edition – mostly its 64bit.

Step 4: Once the software/application opened up. you can notice on the left in the big box it shows the health of the hard drive.

Step 5: It may say, Good, Caution, Bad and for Solid State Drive, It will show % from 1 to 100.

Step 5: Please also check the Temperature of the Hard Drive or Solid State Drive, If it goes past by more than %50, unfortunately, change the hard drive or solid state drive.

Now its very easy to identify is the hard drive or solid state drive should be replaced or not. Simply if you see Good, means all fine – you may need proper laptop repair or computer repair engineer to help you to make it fast. 

If you see Caution, Bad or less than %95 percent – i am afraid quickly have your hard drive or solid state drive replaced because no software changes will make it faster. Caution or Bad comes when you laptop has a bad sector , scratches and etc. Hard drive or Solid State Drive HAVE to be replaced to make it run quicker and fast. If you decided not to change it , i guess your are putting your files and information on a great risk.

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