Excellent Tips to Make your Slow Computer Run Faster

 27 July, 2020

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Many websites are on internet explaining how you can solve slow computer, laptop or macbook but none of them actually explain the main reasons of having a slow computer. Different websites may offer you to download software to make it faster (never do that) or probably just explain different optimisation technique that never works or make your computer worse. Here we are going to discuss what exactly make your computer run slower based on some professional software and hardware testing.

Today, we would be discussing how you can make your PC run faster and what may require in terms of software or hardware to make it faster. So, let’s start.

1: Restart Computer

Probably this is the first step you should always do if computer or laptop seems to be running slower. Many problems can be solved when system reboots. When PC has been used for days without restarting the memory (RAM) clocked up with a lot of junk makes PC run slower than usual. Restarting your PC should always be the first step to follow to see if it makes any difference.

2: Application running at the background

This could be your second option to consider. Computer becomes sluggish and slow if you have installed multiple applications that are running at the background. Application or software installed that are not been used every day runs at the background make PC performance slow. It important to understand like which applications you need the most and disable or uninstall the rest. You should also have to disable software by going to “task manager” click on “start-up” and disable application automatically starts each time computer boots up.

People don’t realise but having a dodge antivirus software can make your PC really run slower and sluggish. Many software on the internet claiming to be the best and if you download one of those, may show you have multiple viruses and convince you to pay for it. Never fall for this trap, because once you pay for it, it may say we have cleaned your computer but in reality, there was nothing in your PC causing an issue.

Having a authorised antivirus and been in the business for many years, we know many antiviruses claim to be the best like AVG, Avast, Avira and etc but we have seen them creating more problem than solution. We recommend you should get McAfee (intel) antivirus to protect your computer which doesn’t let your computer speed slowed down. If an antivirus scan is in progress, performance of the computer may get slower. I should advise set your antivirus scan schedule probably somewhere at night when you don’t need to work on your PC a lot.

3: Delete temporary files

When you are working on a computer, laptop or macbook, it does store data in temporary folder to run the software quicker. Once its stored, it stays in temporary folder which eats up your system storage making it slower. While you are browsing on internet, every time you visit a website, temporary files go inside your computer and gets stored. Removing temporary files will improve laptop performance for sure. We recommend you not to use any third part applications instead use internal built-it Microsoft disk cleaner to get rid of all the stored junk inside the PC. There is folder called “Temporary” inside the windows directory. Going there and delete manually can be a mission for people don’t know enough about computers. Microsoft has provided an excellent tool to remove them.

It’s very simple to access it, right click on “C” drive, go to “Properties > Disk Cleanup. Make sure click on all the checkboxes and press OK. This task will have all the junk and unnecessary files deleted from the computer.


4: Check if you don’t have viruses on Hard Drive

Many viruses not only make your computer slower but can be dangerous to steal your private information. If you PC is under attack no wonder it’s going to be slow doesn’t matter how fast and expensive computer, you are using. These days, malware and spywares are circulating through emails online and outlook. As mentioned above having an authorised antivirus can only be the way out. Using windows internal bit defender or security essentials will not be enough. We recommend using a McAfee antivirus is the best defence for your computer. You should start scanning your computer first with Free Malwarebytes, it does allow you to scan for malware and spyware for free. Once it’s done, uninstall it completely from your laptop. Restart your PC, download and install McAfee. We are quite sure following these steps will make your PC virus free and help it getting faster.

5: Windows 10 update

Well, sometimes it could have a reverse effect going for windows 10 update. But at the same time, it’s very important to keep your computer secured and healthy by downloading latest Microsoft windows 10 update. We have had many cases where people tried to update windows 10 ended up crashing it. This could be cause of multiple reasons. But it’s not because of Microsoft, it’s because your computer already had an issue. If windows 10 update goes successfully and you don’t seem to have a blue screen, it means your computer health is absolutely fine. But while it’s updating or trying to update and crashing in the middle or stays in the boot up loop. You should probably be frustrated but thanks to Microsoft, something was not right with your PC already.

6: Update to latest device drivers

Very rarely we have seen PC running slow because of not having latest device drivers. If I explain, device drivers are basically a piece of software which help your computers components runs smoother and quicker. Having a bad device driver can have blue screen of death or computer not working at its potential. It’s not so difficult to check for the latest drivers. All you need to do just find out your PC manufacture, visit the website, enter your laptop or computer model number and it will bring you all the latest drivers. Normally, having a window 10 don’t really need you to look for it. But in some very latest computers, windows 10 still not holding drivers for it. Checking motherboard chipset drivers can really make a difference. Intel boost technology driver actually makes your computer runs faster. We have tested it and yes, it does make a lot of difference.

7: Increase PC memory (RAM)

Sometimes following all the above steps won’t give you satisfactory results because your PC not meant to run fast with the existing RAM. Windows 10 and other software need memory to run and process applications quicker. Just to understand how memory works, it’s like your hands, more power to hands means quicker results you will get. Having a 4GB memory with windows 10 is compulsory. Lower than 4GB ram cannot give you good results at all, it will make your PC run slower, sluggish and even freezing problems. If you really want to have the maximum output from your PC just upgrade, it to 8GB. Having the amount of 8 GB RAM means, you are using what is more than recommended, means no issue from the hardware point of view.

8: PC processor overheating

If you are having a carpet, cat, dog or dust around your room or house, it’s important to keep your computer clean once in a month. An excessive heat can cause poor performance on your computer most of the time. If the processor is not breathing well or heating up a lot, can damage other components of the computer and processor itself. Processor overheating reduces operating system process speed to manage the heat problem happening inside of the tower desktop or the laptop. Dust from dirt, hair and all kind of sticky dirt can block air circulation in your computer and cause overheating. Make sure the case is clean and the ventilation system is not blocked. We recommend using the water-cooling system or high-quality air flow system to always keep the computer cool down.

9: Change with faster processor or overclock

If you increase speed of the processor it can help improve the performance of your PC by following two steps: either replace it with better and new processor or by overclocking the existing processor.

Overclocking means increasing the speed of the processor causing the maximum speed to increase by 20-30% more than the processor itself. It’s a technique to learn and to check if current processor and motherboard does have specification to overclock. If you have managed to overclock the processor speed, processor would require very powerful cooling system as it generates more heat having to buy a powerful heatsink to deal specially with overclocked processors.

To actually don’t recommend having processor overclocked as it really decreases the age of computer itself. Never push any hardware to its maximum limit as it meant to die sooner. You should rather just spend more money to buy a more advanced and powerful processor goes with your motherboard.

10: Format hard drive and reinstall windows 10 from scratch.

This one is recommended highly by all computer technicians. It’s a best practice to backup all your files and reinstall windows 10 from scratch. Erasing everything on your computer and reinstalling it would certainly improve performance and eliminate old software and driver which might have been slowing down computer. You can download latest windows 10 from Microsoft website and make a bootable USB. Installing a windows and latest generation software with updated drivers allow you to verify there is no problem in your hardware configurations and software that could slow laptop down. This solution is the least and best but to achieve the stability in your computer, we recommend you should definitely try this.

11: Check hard drive health

I would say this is the most task compare to all other mentioned above. If the hard drive health is weak, no matter what you do, computer speed wont improved. Same goes for laptop, MacBook and iMac. Hard drive is the main brain of the computer, having a high-quality processor, RAM or motherboard would do nothing if the hard drive has got bad sectors. It is not difficult at all to check the hard drive health. Just following the simple step, you would get an answer. If by running a test, hard drive shows “caution” means, simply replace the hard drive and this time go for the solid-state hard drive which will definitely make your computer speed to next level.

So, to check the hard drive health download this software called “crystal disk” run the software with “64 bit”. If you already have an SSD, it may show the percentage which should be 100%, if showing even 99%, probably you need a new SSD. If you are using a old fashion mechanical hard drive, it would show either, Good and if it’s bad would show “caution”. As soon as you see “caution” that’s it. You need to replace the hard drive to make your computer run faster and smoother again.

12: Replace hard drive with SSD

If you are not very happy with the computer speed despite having a good processor, RAM and motherboard. Maybe it’s to change your computer from old school hard drive to latest solid-state drive. Solid state drives are based on Chipset to make PC process information much quicker compared to mechanical disk hard drive. We have seen many people upgrading from Old hard drive to SSD and finding it absolutely amazing experience. Computer boot up speed goes from 1 minute to 1 second, yeah, you read it right, this is how much difference it makes. Specially all the gaming laptops and Mac comes with preloaded SSD. That’s why they are fast and expensive. But now a days, replacing hard drive with SSD is not that expensive anymore.

13: Your computer is too old, really old

If your PC, Laptop or computer is more than 6 to 8 years old, performance will be significantly lower than compare to new laptops and computers available in the market these days. Latest generation software required more out of computers to optimise the application speed and performance well at peak. Older computers cannot run latest newer application if you try to install them, it will slow down computer speed overall. Newer software required more memory from the computer which is why we recommended to have at least 8GB of the memory to deal with latest Microsoft windows 10 and applications running like chrome, Firefox and etc.

If by following all the above steps or you are not sure how to make your computer run faster, feel free to contact to our computer specialist for free advice or help. We can provide you remote support to diagnose or identify the issue. Call us at 0203 290 5190 or leave us an email at info@geekscallout.co.uk for help and support.

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