Dell XPS, Inspiron or Latitude turns on but have no display.

Dont think of throwing it away, it maybe worth having it repaired.

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


dell laptop repair

Many people complain about Dell XPS, Dell Latitude and Dell Inspiron works but does not show anything on the screen. Sometimes it could be due corrupted operating system or bad motherboard graphics. It’s worth to have it checked by the professional as it may won’t take a lot of money out of your pocket.

As our last experience we had with Dell laptop still works, but both the internal display and an externally connected monitor remain black. There must also be a defect on the mainboard here.


Defective graphics chip in this Dell Inspiron 176

As it turned out, the graphics chip of this notebook was defective. This normally happens due to display graphics-intensive programs, such as Improve games, high powered graphics software and also other applications, e.g. Video rendering and Video editing programs use the graphics chip to enable a smoother workflow.

A defect in this graphic chip, as is the case with this Dell XPS 15, is usually rather rare. However, its service life is shortened by high temperature. One reason for an excessive temperature is often that the cooling in many Dell laptop is not very good because the manufacturer tries to make the device as lighter and thin as possible. In addition, dust collects in the coolers over time and blocks the circulation of air in them. If you use your laptop on a blanket or other soft surface, the air circulation is further deteriorated. This can lead to premature component failure.


Another Possible Defect in Dell Laptops

One can already see through precise observation, which is the faulty chip.

In addition, a voltage converter was defective, which was responsible for the power failure of the graphics chip. Defect is easy to recognize because it has been a bulge formed on the top of the housing of the chip.

After both the dell laptop graphic chip, and the voltage converter had been exchanged or replaced, the Dell machine was almost usable again. This repair work is quick and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

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A New Cooling Pad on the Graphics Chip Improves cooling

The laptop repair technician added a cooling pad to the graphics chip. It ensures better heat transfer from the chip to the cooler. The old pad was already worn out, because its thermal conductivity deteriorates over time. It is recommended to check laptop cooling pad or thermal past after 6 months or so. Sometimes it may not required to replace it but having it checked time to time keep your machine healthy.

We have seen people use the external cooling tray or fan to keep it calm. We don’t recommend that as it may not solve the issue permanently. External cooling system can be handy to use as an add-on for your laptop but relying on it won’t be a good idea. 


Since we are providing mac, desktop and laptop repair service, We do offer to change laptop parts like screen, hard drive and etc but let me tell you it’s not too difficult to change laptop parts. Many people have posted videos on Youtube to help you to repair laptop as quickly as possible. You definitely would have other priorities than having computer repaired! It’s normal. But if you don’t want it to get worse and cost you a lot more than the price of the new laptop, A laptop repair specialist advise you to act wisely and quickly. 

For advice and help on dealing with computer problems, visit the Computing Chat Helpdesk, Fill up the form or Call us and speak directly to our PC expert at 0203 290 5190.

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