Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to clean and disinfect your laptop, smartphone, keyboard, headphones, gaming controller or mouse?

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus Covid – 19, Geeks Callout have some important tips to clean and disinfect your laptop, smartphone, headphones, gaming controller, touch-screen, Tablet PC, Ipad, mouse and keyboard. “A virus can survive on a gadget as in the environment in general,” says Didier Pittet.

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


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covid-19 how to disinfect laptop
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How to clean and disinfect Laptop, Smartphone, tablet & etc

So, is it useful to clean our phone, laptop and etc during the Covid-19 epidemic? Yes, The laptop and hand gadgets are nest for bacteria. Studies have concluded that there are more bacteria on your laptop, smartphone or iPad screen than on a subway bar or a toilet bowl, yet you touch screen on average every 12 minutes. This is the problem of all the touch-screen gadgets, in particular the screens of public machines such as ATMs. Fortunately, if you can’t disinfect everything but you can disinfect your hand and personal belongings.

1: To avoid scratching the screen of your smartphone, you will have to be careful.

2: We do not recommend using a window cleaner, household detergent, compressed air, aerosol, solvent, ammonia or an abrasive or containing hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) to clean your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Touch screens are often protected by an oleophobic coating. If you do it wrong, you risk degrading this very useful coating.

3: Unplug everything and turn off your gadget.

4: Wash your hands.

5: Depending on your laptop and etc, you can use an antiseptic wipe, or a cloth soaked in isopropanol. You can also use an alcohol-based gel on a clean paper towel to get rid of Covid-19 and other viruses.

Dr. Pierre Parneix recommends we should disinfect laptop at home, “when we have gone to public places, risk factors”, during the day. The doctor states: “the only effective products for eliminating the virus and bacteria on laptops, tablets or smartphones are products based on modified alcohol at 70% or 60% (isopropyl alcohol), to be used in low doses and never pure ”. You can get it in pharmacies, supermarkets and DIY stores.

Finally, pass a microfiber cloth in small circles. To wash the microfiber cloth, soak it in warm water with soap. Hot water is used to open the fibers and release the dirt contained in the microfibers. Do not wash your screen or keyboard until the cloth is completely dry (or slightly damp) to the touch.To avoid scratching or damaging it, you can also simply use a microfiber cloth. Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths gently clean the sensitive screen and areas of your laptop, smartphone or tablet without the risk of scratching it.

Note you can clean it with any household product without risk. However, some manufacturers do not recommend the solutions mentioned above. If you have a screen protector, you can use an antiseptic wipe.

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Disinfect and Clean Earphones or Headphones from Covid-19

We highly recommend that you disinfect your headphones, gaming control, wireless AirPods and other headsets. To do this, use a small piece of cotton swab, moistened with isopropanol or gel-based alcohol. Piece of microfiber cloth will be useful for the exterior and the charging case, while the cotton swab works well for cleaning the speakers or gaming controller grilles. You can also use a toothpick to dislodge certain residue.

The Laptop manufacturers and mobile companies are developing more and more waterproof models, but it is imperative to avoid “liquids, because they soak through keyboard or through tiny wholes on laptop or smartphone to damage the motherboard components. explains the doctor. Stain removers, methylated spirits, alcohol at 90 °, sprays – effective only if they are sprayed on a cloth, according to the doctor – or even the solvent are to be banned, to protect the screens. “Cleaning your devices with soap and water is also ineffective,” adds Pierre Parneix.

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Let’s finish with some bad advice that you absolutely should not follow: 

1: Do not spit on your screen to clean it, you will make it even more dirty. 

2: Do not press too hard on your laptop, smartphone screen or keyboard, you may damage it. 

3: Do not use a paper towel or tissue paper. These contain wood fibers which can damage your screen. 

4: Avoid spraying water directly on the screen (for example under the water tap), even if your smartphone is water resistant (it is not resistant to water pressure); Again: do not use abrasive products.

Although doctors in world don’t have much data, this infection diseases specialist still believes that it is theoretically “possible to self-contaminate” with the coronavirus by carrying hands to phone, laptop, keyboard or mouse and then on nose or mouth. Thus, it is extremely recommended to take precautions to avoid putting fingers in mouth or hand on face after touch laptop, phone or etc. This makes an obvious difference in the spread of this dangerous virus,” assured Didier Pittet, even if it is a real challenge since we touch our face more than 100 times a day on average! The use of smartphone, tablet or laptop – a habit everyone probably should look into changing it.

For advice and help on dealing with computer problems, visit the Computing Chat Helpdesk, Fill up the form or Call us and speak directly to our PC expert at 0203 290 5190.

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