Computer & Laptop Crashing Issue Fix, Follow 8 Simple Steps

 12 Sep, 2020

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1: My PC does not boot / start anymore, what to do?

If your computer is having some issue, do not go directly to a repair company. Take some time to figure out the problem and maybe you can solve it on your own. Here are the eight common problem which you can solve by yourself

The first thing you should check is the power connection if the plug is connected properly or there is some loosing. If that is not the case, then unplug the power cable and then hold the computer’s start button for at least 30 seconds. This process will drain all the power stored inside the components i.e. capacitors and give them a fresh start. So, Re-plug the power cable and try to start your computer. For laptops you must remove the battery to perform this procedure. If the battery is not removable then look for a small hole on the side or underneath the laptop that allows the power to dissipate. Insert the point of an unfolded paper clip into it, then restart. If the problem persists then there must be a problem with the power supply, cable or the power/charging adaptor.

laptop crashing problem

2: Computer is Freezing / Stuck or not responding?

If your computer screen got frozen /stuck, you may follow couple of tips to check why is it happening. Long press the power button to turn it off to restart your PC. If things do not go smoothly when you restart, try activating your antivirus software like Malwarebytes or McAfee. If it starts slowly and then crashes, you must reduce the list of programs that runs at startup by going in the task manager. One thing to make sure that you never install two antiviruses on your computer otherwise they will cause conflicts. If you have followed all the steps and still laptop is running very slowly, run the hard drive test to check if it contains any bad sector. If it does, new hard drive or SSD required to make PC run back to normal.

3: My Computer shuts down by itself, what should I do?

Every computer has a cooling system and thermal protection so if it gets too hot the computer, laptop or even MacBook shuts itself down for safety reasons. Check either the air vents are blocked or dusty. For desktop open the side cover and remove the dust gently by a soft brush or use a blower. For laptop, raise it a few inches by releasing the ventilation grills. It is advised to never use laptop on your lap or on a bed. It’s important to have proper ventilation for hot air to throw out. If problem still persist, we strongly recommend to speak to PC professional to avoid any underlying issues with your computer.

4: PC is not starting up or showing display?

If your computer gets stuck on a black screen at startup, remove all peripherals like mouse keyboard printers etc. connected via Bluetooth or USB. Also take out the CDs, SD card as they might interrupt with the windows during boot up. After removing all those devices try restarting the computer.

If PC is showing brand logo or something on the screen but not booting it could be not very serious issue, but if you don’t see anything on the screen completely blank, it could more serious hardware issue like, graphics, motherboard or RAM is in trouble.

5: Internet Wifi is very slow, Websites do not open, what to do?

If the internet is working on other devices like on mobile phone and etc. but not working on your laptop it could be either the signal strength is low or there may be not enough space on your hard drive. Try get closer to your internet router or creating some space by deleting some files that are no longer needed. If you are using internet via cable and still having slow internet by simply restarting computer issue can be resolved. Also check your computer firewall which may be set too rigorously and its blocking some of the common websites. Sometimes, if your windows 10 update is downloading it could eat up your internet speed.

6: PC is not connecting or no longer access the internet?

The problem can be with the internet router box provided by TalkTalk, BT, sky or etc. Try restarting it by unplugging its power and then connect it after 10 sec. Sometimes the connection between the internet router box and the computer is unstable. In this case, make sure you are not connected via wifi or disconnect the wifi in the task bar of the computer and remove the ethernet cable. Uninstall the network devices in the “network cards” by doing right click on “computer > device manager and expand network cards. Now turn off the computer and the internet router box and wait several minutes. Afterwards turn everything back on and try establishing the connection.

7: Computer crashes / blue screen after installing new software or driver?

Some software makes changes that damages the computer windows operating system. If things are not working well after installing the culprit software, you must go through system restore or try removing culprit software by going into control panel > uninstall manager.

On windows: type restore point in your search bar. In the system protection window select System Restore and then choose the last restore point saved by the machine before installing the culprit software

On MAC: Press command + R on your keyboard when the computer starts up. Hold these keys until you see the Apple Logo or the icon of a rotating globe. When the utilities window appears, choose the option Restore from a Time Machine Backup. If you have not created a machine backup, you can go for mac internet recovery option.

8: Wi-fi or Wired Printer is available/online, but does not print?

Sometimes you just need to unplug the power cable of the printer, wait for couple of seconds and turn it back on. Now it should reconnect to the network correctly. If this method doesn’t work and the problem still persists then try restarting the internet box as well. If it still doesn’t help, visit printer manufacturer website and download the latest driver or firmware to update your printer. Most of the times by re-installation of the printer drive does solve the issue.

If you are not sure how to sort out issues with computer, mac or laptop to or unsure which hard drive or SSD is best to buy, call us at 0203 290 5190 or email us our PC or Mac expert will provide you FREE advice to choose what is best for you.

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