Choosing your Gaming PC: How to go about it?

 20 January, 2020

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Today, a panoply of PCs floods the market, each offering specific and particular characteristics. The choice of the best is based on certain essential criteria which must be taken into account.

For all gamers, a computer designed for gaming must include important and decisive points during its design. It is indeed necessary to take into account for example its processor or the motherboard and many other criteria that you will discover in the rest of this article.

What choice to make between a laptop and a Desktop PC?

A Gaming Laptop

First of all, note that with a laptop computer, you will not feel any or almost no restrictions on your freedom of movement.

Indeed, it will be easy for you to move around with it, regardless of the weight of your luggage since you can just store it in a backpack or just bury it somewhere. It is true that in general, computers designed for gamers do not always have characteristics of lightness in terms of weight, but it is nevertheless possible to find laptop models light enough for mobile use.

Desktop Computers

There are a few features that make them more scalable. Indeed, you have the possibility of entirely modifying your PC by replacing the graphics card or the processor integrated in the machine. So, you will not often feel the need for renewal.
On the other hand, one of the major advantages of Desktop PC is that it has a wired connection. This ensures a much more stable connection than what Wi-Fi on laptops offers.

The Essential Points to Note in Choosing a Computer for Gamers

Know that there is no longer any doubt about the consumption of significant resources made by video games. A comparison between a gaming PC and a simple computer is therefore not possible. This is quite normal since gaming PCs offer a much richer and more diverse configuration than simple PCs.

Therefore, you will have to make your choice taking into account the very composition of the computer you want to choose. For example, choose a PC that includes a powerful processor among its components will save you a lot of inconvenience when handling the device.

A very powerful processor

For this, if you want an Intel, select a computer in the category Core i5 or i7 or even i9. If you want an AMD, choose from the Ryzen range (5 or 7). However, if your choice is within the same series, your processor must be based on a fairly high frequency.

In addition, with Intel, you will enjoy an interesting free tool, designed to give you the possibility of having an exact and clear idea of the characteristics of the processor.

The graphics card

It is also essential that the PC has a dedicated graphics card. For an ideal choice, you can go for one of Nvidia’s latest designs: the RTX 2060, 2070, 2080 or the sequel to the series. If you prefer, you can choose the cheaper GTX 1660 Ti.

Regarding these two choices available to you, if your dilemma involves two cards of the same type as the RTX 2080, be sure to select the graphics card that has the most memory between the two allocated.


RAM is one of the determining points in choosing your gaming computer. Serving as a stopping point for the processor, it allows the processing of data broadcast from your storage disk. Note that to benefit from a smooth game and a catchy Game Play, you will have to bet on a comfortable and fairly fast RAM.

The storage models and capacity

If you can afford it, choose a computer that has an SSD drive. Because of their above average speed, SSDs give you exceptional performance. The execution of the operating system, software and games installed on the computer is greatly accelerated by this type of storage disc.

In terms of gaming configurations, it is associated with an SSD and a classic hard drive. This allows gamers to enjoy the benefits of two different types of storage space. On the other hand, if the chosen PC does not include SSD support, opt for a hard drive running at 7200 rpm. Quite a wise recommendation.

The motherboard: a criterion to be careful of

Usually, it represents the neglected point of the technical sheets presented by the manufacturers. However, it is one of the essential elements that you must count among the components of the chosen PC. Selecting one of the most powerful will allow you to make the most of the best components in your computer.

As for the characteristics of an excellent motherboard, you have to make sure that it enjoys a very good robustness, but that it is also rich in slots as in connectors. In short, it is essential that it be turned towards the future.

The right screen for your gaming sessions

Note already that to use your computer, you need a screen. For a gaming PC, the screen is much more decisive than for a conventional computer. Note that the monitor remains the best choice for more pleasure and also for a better appreciation of the games.

As for the ideal size for a laptop screen, consider a minimum size of 15.6 inches and a size of 17.3 inches for better rendering in games.

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