Build Custom Gaming Computer in Simple Steps

Follow the simple steps to assemble gaming computer by yourself and run the test to make sure its configured and have no issues.

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


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Building Gaming Computer is Easy with Limited Knowledge

A gaming computer is always a priority, especially for the young generation. However, if you are planning to buy a branded gaming PC it will cost you higher compared to a standard computer. With some efforts, you can build your custom gaming system and it will be less expensive compared to configured by any private firm. If you have specific game in mind or looking to have a high spec gaming computer to play most of the games, it’s always best to check the games specification before ordering any components. You can buy components either from amazon or PC specialist. You can always hire gaming specialist to build one but watching couple of youtube videos and having all the components in front of you, building one is not so difficult. Don’t forget to order thermal past and high quality fans to keep the gaming PC internally cool. We have seen people making mistake compromising with these components and later on having problems of overheating. Geeks Callout always available to offer free advice to help the community.

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What is Required to Build a Gaming PC

We will share the list of things that you should consider while configuring or building your own gaming computer.

  1. Select a high-end CPU.
  2. Buy the suitable Motherboard.
  3. Compatible RAM That Meets Gaming Needs.
  4. The storage is also known as Hard Drive / SSD Drive or both.
  5. Selection of the Best Graphics & Sound Cards.
  6. Strong good spacious Case.
  7. Fans, a CPU Cooler with heatsink, Case Controls.
  8. Correct Power Supply which is also known as SMPS
  9. CPU thermal paste
  10. Gaming Headphone, Mouse and Keyboard

These things are very much important to have a good configuration. When you will select the high-end CPU, probably from Intel or AMD (well i would rate Intel far better than AMDs) you will get the information relative to the motherboard as well. I mean you will get the compatible motherboard list that will support the same CPU.

For the best results, you should have the best compatibility hardware. (Recently we have seen one of the issue, We put the latest graphics card, motherboard and rams and few games started to crash after 15, 20 minutes of play. Whereas, the old low quality graphics card and motherboard used to run same games perfectly with low FPS due to older graphics card. The latest graphics and motherboard was chosen to make sure game runs on high graphics and uses the full capacity of it. So finally it turned out to be the compatibility issue. Our gaming experts did manage to identify the issue and sorted it out). This is only possible if you check the clock speed of your CPU and check the motherboard features. Once you are done with the selection of motherboard you should also check the case. If enough space is not available in case, you will not be able to install all devices. Make sure you get the CPU with cooler and heatsink. We always recommend to chose the high quality heatsink and cooling system. This will not only make you game running smoother but increase the life of the PC itself. Don’t forget to buy the liquid cooling system and please don’t compromise with it. We have seen liquid cooling system bursting and spilling liquid everywhere inside the computer. So, chose the one wisely – i would recommend to get the Corsair cooling system. Gaming system uses more CPU and it will generate the heat and if the heatsink is not high-standard your system will hand and give errors such as blue screen, memory dump, or heating CPU kind of errors.

Buying a good product is not a difficult task but maintenance is an important feature. Its recommend to keep gaming computers healthy good at all times which you can do it buy yourself or look for gaming pc repair near me to find an expert. The computer is an intelligent device and it requires a good amount of maintenance, though you can clean the hardware parts regularly by yourself. In case, you feel need any assistance or if you get any issues with the system you can reach computer repair London centres. Their team is fully professional, and they have remote assistance as well. With a simple call, you will be in touch with the trained team who can help you out with any computer-related issues.

So don’t think much and get the best system for all your gaming needs.

For advice and help on dealing with computer problems, visit the Computing Chat Helpdesk, Fill up the form or Call us and speak directly to our PC expert at 0203 290 5190.

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