Asus ROG ShutDown / Restart After Pressing Keys on Keyboard

When typing the letter “T” or 1-2-3, Laptop Restarts or Turns off

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout



Asus Rog Gaming Laptop Shutdown / Restart Automatically

Recently we received a request from E18 London regarding Asus ROG series gaming laptop which started to act weirdly. Although, it was running fine but all of a sudden one day it started to restart or shutdown it self by literally pressing any key specially “T”, “D” , “X” or 1 – 2 – 3 keys on the keyboard. Sometime, gaming laptop Asus rog was turning itself off if placing mobile phone on the same desk. It was really annoying for client especially when in the middle of the game, someone touches the table or place something next to it, gaming laptop used to turn it self off. Client also had his own research regarding the issue and turns out to be something is going wrong internally with motherboard or internal components shortage which was causing the issue. Without getting it delayed as it could lead to serious problem, we have been contacted to arrange a collection to repair it.

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Geeks Callout’s Gaming Specialist Solved the Issue

After consulting with our gaming expert, we requested the collection of Asus ROG series laptop as it required an extensive checking and get to the root of the cause. Customer agreed and we promised to return it back to him ASAP within 2 days.

With the help of our laptop technician, visited client on the same day and collected broken Asus laptop. By 4PM we got the laptop in Lab and without wasting more time our gaming laptop expert ran couple of diagnostic checks (showing in the video) to find out the issue. I guess it was not so difficult for our gaming technician to run the diagnostic as its very important to understand the issue before fixing it. Sometimes we do get gaming computers in our lab which normally do not misbehave straight away. It’s always difficult to repair computer unless laptop expert see the issue by himself. We always recommend to make a video and show it to our engineer to make it easy. 

Apparently, It turns out to be an internal motherboard components under the keyboard were broken and sending bad signals causing the laptop to either shut down or restart. Once the problem got tracked it does not mean gaming technician will just fix the issue and that’s it. Our gaming PC engineer always check other components of the machine to make sure all are working fine. It does happen sometimes repairing the X component can make PC work again but if the Z component is weak or broken (which wasn’t checked) could again damage X component resulting the same or other issue in the gaming Asus ROG again. 

Complete Testing and Ready to GO

Thanks to our Asus ROG gaming expert who spent couple of hours, got the parts and repaired this strange and annoying problem. If you watch the video (although engineer was bit to harsh with the keyboard) but sometimes it’s important to go hard on a laptop to take the longer output 🙂 . It also came out the Asus ROG was overheating but it wasn’t that bad. Our laptop expert did manage to replace the thermal compound and cleaned the laptop internally to make sure fans run smooth and keep the system cool inside. Finally, all the testing passed out with flying colors. We do provide support on Sunday so, engineer called and customer was so happy to have it back ASAP. We did manage to deliver Asus Rog back on Sunday by 5pm.

We Provide Laptop, MacBook , Desktop and Gaming PC Repair Service

Since we are providing MacBook, desktop and laptop repair service, We do offer to change laptop parts like screen, hard drive and etc but let me tell you it’s not too difficult to change laptop parts. Many people have posted videos on Youtube to help you to repair laptop as quickly as possible. You definitely would have other priorities than having computer repaired! It’s normal. But if you don’t want it to get worse and cost you a lot more than the price of the new laptop, A professional Laptop repair technician advise you to act wisely and quickly. 

For advice and help on dealing with computer problems, visit the Computing Chat Helpdesk, Fill up the form or Call us and speak directly to our PC expert at 0203 290 5190.


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