Excellent features added for users by Google Chrome

Google Chrome just recently added 5 excellent features for users to have better experience while browsing online.

Written by Geeks Callout

Written by Geeks Callout


Google Chrome new update


Cookies Setting With Google Chrome

Google Chrome just launched new updates with 5 news excellent features added for its users. These features are added exactly according to the need of users. In the new version of Google Chrome, Google has added cookies settings. Means, with this excellent feature, user can keep or delete cookies their favorite websites. While using Google Incognito, Google has added a different option to deal with cookies. 

This makes it really interesting as sometimes users don’t feel like visiting certain websites because later on advertisement comes up everywhere related to the last visited page. This new feature will help users to simply disable cookies for those websites without being tracked. 

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Google Extension

In the new version of Google Chrome, the extension button/option has been added on the home screen of chrome. Having this option on home screen would allow users to see and manage installed extension. It was never easy for Chrome users to find extension tab before. Google has just made it very simple and easy for new and existing users.

Tab Groups

This has been so far the best update of all. New update has allowed users to combine pages/tabs in groups. This will allow user to create multiple tabs and divide them into groups. It will be very easy to manage if you have opened so many pages. Users can also have any color for any group. Once the group has created it will look like a folder containing files inside. 

google chrome extension


Safety Check

Browsing and visiting different websites has never been that easy before. Google Chrome probably should have launched this update many years back. This new safety check feature will give a security breach notification if user try to visit a website having malicious threat or not secured to visit. As soon as you hit the button to visit unsecured website, safety check dialog will appear to stop you getting into the website. This will help immensely users to protect their computers from viruses, malware and spyware. 

If you also use the option to remember your password with safety check, Google chrome will alert you if someone tried or already using your password. Certainly, this option will close all doors for unauthorised access or having your facebook, twitter, email or banking password secretly being used by anyone else.


In Hand Protection

It’s annoying to have things getting download automatically and secured in the PC. We have seen many users downloaded spamming software without having any knowledge about it. Google new feature “In Hand Protection” would give you complete powers in your hand. This option would not allow anything to download and stored in your computer automatically. If any of the file try to download automatically, this feature request you to allow or disallow the file to download

Google Chrome certainly has taken web browsing to a different level where people will be more secured while having online banking, email checking, research purposes, finding educational material and etc. With the help of new features it won’t be easy for hackers to steal information. Google Chrome browser not only safe but very fast and quick in opening websites. Since we belong to Laptop repair industry and have to fix many computers, we have realised people do prefer other browsers like firefox, opera or internet explorer – but comparing them with Chrome will not be accurate. Chrome has raised its standard and done excellent modification in the favour of user. We have been advising to all our clients to always use Google Chrome for safe and secure browsing, Once again, Google has proved us right by launching absolutely brilliant updates for its users. 

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